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Top 5 Dishes at Dolly Dim Sum, Nu Sentral

One of the most popular posts in this blog is the one I wrote on the halal dim sum buffet at China Treasures, Sime Darby Convention Centre KL. (You can read it here.) It is steadily climbing up my Top 5 Popular Posts (currently at #2) and I think it will soon topple Aiden's Disney Cars 2nd Birthday Preparation.

Due to that, I constantly get queries, comments even emails for my recommendation of a good dim sum joint. Honestly, I am not one to comment nor recommend. In turn, I learn a lot from my readers, and somehow the name Dolly Dim Sum is always quoted whenever the topic strays to halal dim sum.

Dolly Dim Sum in Nu Sentral features a huge board (far right) that lists their best sellers.

Recently, Dolly Dim Sum opened their doors in Nu Sentral, just a stone's throw away from my beloved office. Despite my vehement protests about being broke, I was dragged there for lunch by a couple of colleagues. And... It was a damn fine lunch!

It was so good, that I decided that my better half should experience the same too. You see, Hubby is an avid lover of dim sum. Me? Boleh lah... I appreciate a good plate of nasi anytime. 

Do note that the layout in the ala carte menu does not match the one in the order chit. I had some troubles locating my order during my first visit.

Last weekend, we took the opportunity to have dinner there. I didn't take a whole lot of photos, but I certainly snapped photos of the ones that you simply have to try. In order of preference, here goes:

#1: Egg Custard Bun
This is probably the sole reason why you should make a visit here. Oh my, the warm salted egg yolk filling is so thick, rich and creamy, it oozes out as soon as you pry the bun open. Pair that with the soft and fluffy steamed bun... *sigh* You MUST try this! Sorry, but I simply can't stop raving about this dish. Just one taste will make you come back for more. (I am even craving for one as I am typing this!)

(Please don't make me compare this with the Salted Egg Yolk Bamboo Charcoal Bun from China Treasures. Both are equally good!)

Two baskets is a must; one for me, one for Hubby. No sharing allowed! *chuckles*

Check out that generous filling, oozing onto the plate. (We licked the plate clean!)

Beware, the filling is hot! (But oh, so good!!!) Don't forget to savour your first bite!

#2: Classic Siew Mai Dumpling
Served piping hot in a bamboo basket, this combination of minced chicken, prawns and shiitake mushrooms is a classic, and definitely a delight to the palate. 

Ample filling peeking out of the dumpling skin.

#3: Crystal Prawn Dumpling
Expect a generous portion of prawns and chives wrapped by a thin, silky translucent layer of dumpling skin.

Can you see the prawns underneath the translucent skin? 

#4: Baked Mini Egg Tart
The filling was tender and soft while the pastry casing was crisp and flaky.

Unfortunately everyone gobbled the tarts before I could get a picture, so how about a photo of us for a change? :P

#5: Roasted BBQ Bun and Dolly Mozza Roll
These two dishes tie for final spot number 5. If you love cheese, you should try the Dolly Mozza Roll, a special creation by Dolly Dim Sum. Crispy bean curd skin rolls stuffed with prawns and cheese! As for the Roasted BBQ Bun, the BBQ meat filling certainly went well with their signature honey sauce.

I love fried bean curd skin, so I am probably slightly biased.

What I don't recommend, is the Royal Golden Fried Rice. For ~RM23, the portion that arrived certainly didn't match the price. Nothing exceptional about the taste either. But it was all Aiden could eat (he doesn't like dim sum) so we didn't have much choice. We also ordered Crispy Egg Noodles. The portion was decent, but Aiden still preferred rice. (I guess he takes after his Mummy?) We also had the Wasabi Prawn Dumpling, Yam Croquette, Pan Fried Radish Cake - taste was okay but I wouldn't repeat those orders. I would probably prefer to stick to my top 5 (or issit 6?) choices. What I would probably try next? The Har Gao and the Scallop Cheong Fun.

Crispy Egg Noodles. 

Do note that Dolly Dim Sum is not a buffet. Each dim sum dish typically comes in threes. Average cost per dish is about RM10. The bill builds up pretty quickly, so in terms of value for money, China Treasures wins hands down. However, Dolly Dim Sum is a more convenient option if you ever need to satisfy a quick dim sum craving. On weekdays, it gets crowded pretty quickly during lunch hour. Once you get a seat, service is quick. Great ambiance, nice interior too.

The interior. 

Last picture for the night.

Overall, I must say it was a pleasant visit. We will definitely come again, especially for the Egg Custard Bun!

Dolly Dim Sum, Nu Sentral
LG.43 NU Sentral, 
No. 201, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields, 
50470 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603-22731450
11am - 10pm daily


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