Friday, January 1, 2016

Labeling School Supplies

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Aiden had his orientation day at Big Boy school yesterday. I'll save that for a separate special blogpost, but in a nutshell, he was asked to line up according to the class assigned to him, his teacher took him and his classmates up to the classroom where they underwent a written diagnostic test while the parents attended a briefing session at the school hall.

It was during the briefing that I found out how particular the school was about labeling items. I thought it was sufficient to just label his basic belongings. But it turned out that even their school shoes and school bag had to be properly labelled. Which is a good thing since it minimizes issues with mixed up shoes or lost bags. And of course, since I was labeling everything in sight, I decided to label all his stationery too. Every pencil. Every marker. Every glue stick. Did I mention the colour pencils and water bottle too?

So when Swiss-made StickerKid approached Lizzieasamummy to sponsor a trial pack set of personalized name labels for Aiden's school supplies, I immediately said yes! 

StickerKid's name labels not only help to identify children's clothes, shoes and other belongings. But they are also water resistant and made to withstand washing machines and microwaves during a period of 10 years! Other than just customizing the stickers with the child's name, their very interactive website also allows the child to further personalize the stickers by selecting between a variety of colors, font, logo and shapes. 

Aiden had a hard time choosing his favourite logo (in was a tie between a red superhero or an orange dragon), but in the end he made up his mind and just a few days later, the pack of stickers arrived at our doorstep:

These stickers are perfect for labeling small stationary items and other equally cute belongings. Other than the text, you can also customize the background colour and font to your liking.

(You know how tedious it is to write their names on the gazillion work books they have? Well, you can use these stickers to label their books too!)

SHOE STICKERS (38 x 40mm)
No more ugly scrawls on your child's school shoes using a Sharpie. These shoe stickers are designed to fit inside shoes or in shoe soles, thanks to their unique shape - both round and square. You can fit 3 lines of text including your preferred background colour, font and even a logo! As you can see, Aiden chose the orange dragon, while I included my phone number (blurred in photo) and address.

(Not just for shoes, you can use the same sticker for other items too! I used one for Aiden's pencil box as this sticker is bigger and more visible, suitable for bigger items.)

These labels come in either black or white, and are so simple to use. Using a hot iron and a piece of baking paper, just iron the labels on the clothes and tadaaaaaa, it sticks! Laundry safe too, in both the washer and the dryer. These stickers can also be removed (say, you want to donate the clothes or use them as hand-me-downs). Simply reheat the labels and gently peel them off.

(I have yet to try ironing them on Aiden's school bag. Wish me luck!)

So Aiden is all set for Big Boy school, now that everything has been labeled accordingly. Looking forward to his first day at school, come Monday!

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Have fun labeling!


  1. wow,every single thing kena label kan.same to me hahaa

    1. Itu lah, kalau tak label nanti hilang pulak. So in the end, label jer la semua ;) Caiyok mummies, we can do it.. hehe


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