Monday, January 11, 2016

First Week of Big Boy School!

Fuhhhhh... we survived the first week at Big Boy school. Surprisingly, it went quite smoothly, I must say. Aiden is no longer tugging at his tie and complaining of the heat. It has been an interesting week, but it was a time well spent to acclimatize to a new environment.

Here's a recap of his one week of school:

Tuesday - 2nd day of school. I went to work as normal but as soon as I drove into the office parking, I suddenly had a panic attack. It suddenly occurred to me that I forgot to show Aiden where to go after the van drop off! Suddenly I had this image of a confused Aiden crying in a corner, wondering where his friends were. *mak drama lebih* Texted a neighbour to request for her son (who is in the same van as Aiden) to tolong tunjuk Aiden to his class. That risau feeling stayed with me the whole entire morning so after my meeting, I left the office just before lunch time (thank god for flexi hours!) and drove to school. Upon arriving at his school, I took a spot behind some trees and started stalking (yes, I repeat stalking) Aiden.

This was what I saw. A very responsible Abang Ammar showing Aiden where his class was. Terus rasa lega!

Went to say hello to Aiden, and he excitedly showed his wallet. I had refrained from giving him his wallet, for fear of him misplacing it. Instead he took matters in his own hands and made the executive decision to bring it to school! 

Kiasu Mummy! I drove for half an hour from office to school just to see you for 15 minutes, baby!

I asked Aiden why he brought his wallet to school. As expected, he wanted to go 'shopping' at the canteen. Well I guess it was a successful attempt because a fellow mother whatsapped this photo of him during recess:

I got this photo during a meeting and accidentally laughed out loud in glee. *giggles* Can't believe he managed to buy his own drink! Chocolate milk!

Came home in the evening, with a hole in one of his socks! Aiden makan stokin ke, anak bertuah oi! *shakes head in dismay* That night I asked Aiden what he bought with his pocket money. He answered, "Chocolate milk!" I tried enticing him into buy something else, "Aiden, you know you can also buy mee goreng with your money?" He answered, "I don't want. Mee goreng is only one ringgit!" (He didn't see a point in only spending one ringgit when he can spend the entire two ringgit pocket money I give him daily! Hah, don't think my son will be saving money anytime soon!) *traits of a shopaholic*

Wednesday - 3rd day of school. Felt more confident of Aiden's ability to navigate through school. No stalking activities this time, mainly because I had meetings all day long. All my worries were also put to rest when fellow reporters (mummies) started whatsapping photos of Aiden throughout the day. Thank you, ladies - for keeping an eye on Aiden! You know who you are!

Reporter reporting that Aiden arrived safely in class.

Kiasu mummies waiting outside the school gate for evening pick up.

As usual, I asked Aiden what he bought with his pocket money. He answered, "Milo! But Mummy, you can also buy Milo in a cup for one ringgit, so with two ringgit I can get two!" Wow, he is really intent on spending every single cent of his money!

Thursday - 4th day of school. Had plumbing problems so I took the day off. Tried making bento for the first time - a simple dinosaur shaped cheese sandwich. I hid myself behind some pillars and watched as Aiden opened his lunch box. He excitedly showed his friends... "Wowwww, hey look at what I've got!" he exclaimed. Soon, Ian announced our arrival by calling out to his brother. And for the first time, I witnessed my son buying his own drinks at school!

Aiden showing off my amateur attempt at bento and his Milo in a cup. And Ian having a cold Milo drink at his brother's recess table.

Gang rehat!

Picked him up from school and asked him how school went. Usually getting anything from him is like squeezing blood out of a stone. But instead of the normal "I don't remember", he eagerly told me:

Aiden: Mummy, today teacher asked me what I wanted to be!
Me: So what did you say? (expecting him to say astronaut)
Aiden: I told her I want to be an Oscar!
Me: An Oscar? What is an Oscar??? 
Aiden: Awwww you know, the one with the gun and they have lots of troops!
Me: Ooooooo, askar!!!!! *giggles*

Friday - 5th day of school. Since it was the last day that parents were allowed to 'stalk' their kids in the school compound, I decided to take the second half of the day off. Arrived at the school hall just as the teachers were putting the kids into their new classes. Yup, depending on their orientation exam results, they were streamlined into new classes. I had cautioned Aiden the night before that he be may be split from his best friend Hisham. It stressed him out greatly, so I was really hoping for them to still be together in the same class. Despite a slightly drama moment for me when I couldn't find Aiden with Hisham, Alhamdulillah, I was soooo glad to find that both were maintained in the same class.

Mee goreng with sliced hot dogs and a chocolate milk to boot.

Deliriously happy that they were both maintained in the same class.

Took the opportunity to accompany Aiden for a visit to the tandas. As expected, he covered his nose and ran out. Oh well, Aiden. You will simply have to adapt. Kalau dah sakit perut, kena pegi jugak kan?

Well done Aiden, for completing your first week at school. Mummy and Daddy cannot be with you anymore during school hours, but we have much faith that you will learn how to be independent and make new friends. Seeing you be sociable with your new friends, them calling you "Ai-den" (Ai rhyming with why) made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I wish I have a rewind button and can turn back time to when you were a clingy toddler. But I know it is time for me to let go and allow you to bloom in this new chapter of your life.

As for me, I'm still adjusting to this whole schooling mum routine. I have new found respect for mothers who are also 'drivers' for their kids. It is exhausting! With the unforgiving weather nowadays, the heat is becoming quite unbearable. And it's funny how time flies and you find yourself squeezing errands between drop off and pick up. Not to mention checking his school bag daily for messages from the teacher and helping out with homework. One week down, more to come! Good luck to all of us!


  1. keciknya abang ammar.. besar nya aiden.. hahahah and the bff peminat roti canai sungguh yer...
    Ian buat muka tak puas hati sambil minum milo.. comel sungguh..
    hmm.. aiden memang beli benda ngam2 abis duit dia ni.. terror sungguh..

    1. Haha, betul! Masa I mengendap tuh, I gelak sorang sorang tengok Aiden yang nampak macam senior. Padahal Ammar yang senior, dok mengajar junior. Aiden and BFF sama jer, both suka roti canai tapi somehow Aiden prefer to spend his pocket money beli air. Maybe panas kut. And gigih dia beli air sampai habis duit. Hopefully dia belajar saving money soon! Kalau tak pokai Mummy hehehe

  2. i normally take some time off in office by catching up on what's on social media, blog-reading included. so normally i'll pretend as if i'm reviewing a report or proposal. but i got busted today at 'Oscar' ! hahaha. terus tergelak depan laptop. how innocently cute lah Aiden nih.

    1. Hehehehe glad 'Oscar' made you laugh cos I laughed my head off in the car as well. Andddd I can totally relate with the 'reviewing report' but sebenarnya blog hopping bit. :P


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