Wednesday, January 13, 2016

98% of Happy Mothers

Ever since Aiden and Ian were engaged to be part of the Friso Gold Yes Experiment last April, our entire household has embraced the new milk on the get go. Ian is on Step 3 every three to four hours while Aiden is on Step 4 as his warm glass of milk before bed time. To date, the two boys have been full time on Friso Gold for over eight months, and counting! 

The most common concerns for me as a mum raising two boisterous boys are boosting immunity and building resistance. As part of growing up, my boys are eager to explore the world and try new things… which ultimately expose them to circumstances that may impair their health. 

Friso Gold helps children grow stronger from the inside. Starting with improving their digestive system where germs and bacteria first attack to strengthen their immune system.

Here are some other benefits your child will get with every glass of Friso Gold:

Other than the fact that the milk is 100% imported from Holland (I never knew that!!!), I am also very much in love with the packaging. For starters, each Friso Gold tin comes with a spoon holder, so that you don't have to dig around in the milk powder to retrieve the scoop. Totally hygienic, I advocate for every milk powder brand to adopt this ingenious design! Each tin also has a protection lid which seals brilliantly but is easy to open and close. However, my personal favourite is the accurate dosage leveler in the tin. Being an engineer and an avid baker, both require for me to be quite particular about precise measurements. With the very handy dosage leveler strategically located just at the top of the tin, I am assured that every time I prepare my children’s milk, it has the correct ratio of milk and water. Sheer pure genius!

Aiden really loves the taste of Friso Gold. I have noticed a marked improvement in his alertness and energy levels. Ian on the other hand cannot really articulate his love for the milk, but is constantly saying "Yeay!!", whenever I ask him if he wants his susu. Simple gestures like these ultimately convince me that Friso Gold is the best choice for them. Not only do they enjoy their warm milk, in turn I am also comforted by the fact that they are nourished to grow stronger from the inside. 

Happy, healthy and physically fit, with Friso Gold I’m confident my kids are able to enjoy the great outdoors. Similar to our sandbox experience in Week 3 of the Friso Gold Yes Experiment, we recently had a trip to the beach where I allowed the kids to experience nature first hand. They swam in the sea, dug for hermit crabs and built sand castles all day long! Knowing that my kids have a stronger natural body resistance courtesy of Friso Shield, I was a worry-free mummy and gave them their space, honoring their joyful moments. Thank you Friso Gold,for that priceless memorable experience.

Last but certainly not least, I am not the only one happy with Friso Gold, but 98% of Friso Gold mothers are also happy with Friso Gold products.* Discover the reasons behind the love of mother and child for Friso Gold at

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Disclaimer: *Results based on a database survey of Friso Gold mums.

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