Thursday, April 27, 2017

Long Weekend

(Finally found my SD card so here is the said post, albeit slightly belated!)

Hello! Anyone else dragged their feet to work today?

We enjoyed ourselves tremendously during the long weekend. Kick started the weekend with some early Raya shopping at Mitsui. Must be the payday mood or something. But honestly nothing spectacular there because Raya sale technically hasn't started yet. I bought a few tops for myself and the kiddos at Polo Ralph Lauren, and rewarded myself with a teapot at Noritake. I've been eyeing that teapot for so long!! I've procrastinated the purchase since forever, because (of course), it is cheaper in the US. Tapi kesian my teacups takde a matching teapot and with our horrible currency, I decided to just bite the bullet and get it. After our shopping spree, we went home and got the kids in bed early for our adventure the next day; berkelah!

My father in law's side of the family organized a mini family day; berkelah at Sungai Bil. Although not everyone was able to make it, ade la dalam 30 of us yang turned up. We were responsible for the simplest things - BBQ tools, ice, hotdogs and we contributed some marinated mushrooms as well. But upon arrival at location, we realized that we left the hotdogs at home! *giggles*

Sungai Bil - and one of the wakaf in the background.

Look at the rocks! I recommend snorkeling shoes.

Sungai Bil was not too bad, and just an hour away from home! The sungai was clean tapi arus quite deras combined with plenty of rocks. Next time must bring snorkeling shoes! The campsite we chose was shady, the wakaf was big enough for all of us. We also brought a tent while my in laws brought a stove (for cooking Ian's fries!) We set up the BBQ pit just beside the wakaf. Everyone brought so much food that the hotdogs weren't even missed! But we were the first to leave as we had a birthday party to attend back home.

Our wakaf was just beside the sungai.

Check out that cheeky boy who decided to photobomb our shot.

After the birthday party, we went home and got ready for dinner. The kids were so tired from such a long day, but their eyes widened as soon as we arrived at our dinner location - Le Meridien! It was an awesome spread for both adults and kids. I satisfied my sashimi craving while the kids enjoyed the chocolate fountain. Soon, I found my kids running around the dinner area - sugar high! CIMB is currently offering a discount for meals at Le Meridien, until July - so do pay them a visit... in preparation for Ramadhan! *chuckles*

Took the opportunity to celebrate Aiden's birthday. He was so surprised!

Gang kuat makan!

Loved the wallpaper just outside Latest Recipe, that we couldn't resist an OOTD shot.

After dinner, a few neighbours decided to come over to our house for 'coffee'. It turned out to be an impromptu surprise birthday celebration for one us. By the time everyone left our house, it was close to 4am!

A Duck scarf for a Duckscarves lover!

Since we had such a late night, the kids only woke up past 10am the next morning. We had a late brunch in the garden and then just lazed around in front of the TV. The kids enjoyed camping in front of the TV, and Ian actually constructed a fort underneath our foosball table and promptly fell asleep in his cosy new home!

I haven't had the chance to share our garden (not to mention our interior deco) in this blog. But here's a sneak peak - we usually have our breakfast at the white outdoor set while we entertain our guests at the outdoor gazebo.

Can you spot Ian?

So that's how we spent our long holiday. Who's looking forward to the next one? *smiles*

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