Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I had a whole post pre-prepared for today. Something that started about how I dragged my feet to work, and then an entire story about how I spent my long weekend. Only to discover that I lost my camera SD card which contains all my pictures from the said long weekend. Aaarrrggghhh... it must have dropped out of my laptop while I was carrying it around in the office.

I'm in such a foul mood now.

Bleerrrggghhh... good night!

Update: I was telling my sap story to Hubby about the missing SD card (this is the second time I've successfully misplaced it) and he said, "Cannot be lost if it's already in your laptop... maybe dalam purse you?!" While vehemently disagreeing to his suggestion (because I was soooo sure I plugged it into my laptop), I reached out to my wallet, and lo and behold - the SD card was safely tucked in the coin pocket. Jeez! Okay, time to work on that blogpost. *good mood balik*

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