Friday, April 14, 2017

Preparations for Aiden's Firefighter Party

One more sleep before the birthday party, and I am hard at work with the birthday cake, cupcakes and cookies! Fuh fuh fuh... Thank god I work well under pressure! Looks like I'm burning the midnight oil again tonight.

Before I delve into my share of butter, sugar and eggs, let me share some photos of the birthday preparation. If you've been following my IG, you would have noticed the common theme for the month - fire engines! Yes, we will be having this year's birthday at the fire station!

(Well it was either a fire engine party or a Pokemon party... I chose the former hands down!)

For the first time, I ordered my party items from Taobao. I can't read Chinese, so I paid a Taobao agent via FB to purchase it for me. I bought a cute fireman outfit for the boys; and as goodies for our guests - fire helmets and fire extinguishers (water guns actually). I also bought some mini fire extinguishers from GM Klang, which are actually hand fans! I'll definitely be holding on one during the party.

Anyway, enough blabber. The cake is waiting!! Enjoy the photos!

DIY pinata! Well the boys are going to destroy it anyway, so why bother with buying one?

Macaroni and cheese boxes were used! Can you spot them?

Personalized candy bars. Leceh gila potong those curvy edges!

Yesterday's effort - fondant cookies!

Water gun fire extinguishers, and far right - hand fan!

Firefighter helmet for the guests.

Personalized crayons for colouring and personalized bubbles. Hopefully the smaller kids will be occupied with these, while the older ones play with 'fire'!

Okay, more photos to follow after the event. Wish me luck for tomorrow!!!


  1. happy birthday in advance cute boy! dont forget to update semua tau about this party..

    1. Thank you Aisha! InsyaAllah will update ASAP after the party. Doakan agar kemalasan tidak melanda πŸ˜‚

  2. Wah saya tengok pun teruja! I hope nanti I akan rajin macam u untuk buat semua ni. Hihi

  3. Aaahhh cant wait to see more photos of the event!! Dia macam post wajib every year nak tengok kot. Hahhahaha

  4. I love those personalized chocolate bars! And the pinata turned out beautifully...

  5. dah jd satu kemestiaan, every year tertunggu what tema for birthday party.. :)


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