Monday, April 3, 2017


A few weekends ago, Aiden and Ian were invited to a Superhero themed birthday party. (I swear the kids have a more interesting social life than ours.)

It was Ali's first birthday and the event was held at KLGCC. Aiden and Ian were super excited to find an excuse to wear their superhero costumes, but I swear - it's the last time Aiden can wear his Iron Man costume. Dah ketat! Ian on the other hand, inherited Aiden's Batman costume which fitted him perfectly, save for some last minute slight length alteration.

Upon arrival, we were ushered to the photo booth for a family photo. Aiden had a slight blunder during the second shot - he covered the whole camera with his face! *giggles*

The first thing they spotted as they walked into the hall, was face painting. Aiden was already a pro at it, so he sat quietly while the artist drew an Iron Man mask to complement his costume. Ian on the other hand, was not quite cooperative. It was his first experience hence he didn't understand why the brush was tickling his face. I tried to show the progress by letting him see his face through my camera, but he was still fidgety and such. Nasib baik Batman only needed a half faced mask as opposed to a full faced Iron Man mask!

Not a happy face.

Such a pro!

The superheroes dessert table.

Scrumptious brownies. And neat idea to put cookies into jello cups, but unfortunately it made the cookies soggy.

Batman and Iron Man posing with Wonder Woman!

As soon as Ian was done, he raced to the mini slides and ball pit. Aiden went to join the bigger kids at the stage for some fun and games. Seeing that both the kids were occupied, we decided to settle down for some food. I think we were halfway through our meal, when I saw Ian walking at the tables in front of us and asking a lady something. Apparently he was asking the lady to find his parents! *chuckles* I called out to him and as soon as he saw me he came running to me, pointed to the stage (at Aiden, indicating that he wanted to join his brother) and ran to the stage.

I watched curiously, as he was given a Hulk mask (which was way too big for him, and totally inappropriate for his costume). He struggled with it as it kept sliding. But soon my attention turned to Aiden as he was invited to the front to perform some action moves.

Didn't have time to turn on my video, so here is a blurry shot of Aiden punching and kicking in the air!

Aiden confidently strutting his moves. Can you see Ian struggling with his mask?

As soon as Aiden was done, the emcee attempted to call another boy out, when suddenly he said, "Mayday mayday, mummy needed!" It turned out to be Ian, bawling his eyes out behind the mask! Of course I couldn't see it, nor hear it behind all that racket! Ian was crying because he was frustrated that his mask kept sliding down! *giggles*

Face paint streaked with tears.

Afterwards, Ian refused to return to the stage. He preferred to play at the ball pit and bouncing castle. Eventually he came around to me complaining that his face wasn't nice (sape suruh nangis!!!) and he actually agreed to a face paint touch up! Aiden on the other hand had the time of his life playing various games. (He had like three mouthfuls of food in between games.) He won two games; one of it with Hubby's help who cleverly managed to insert seven straws in his hair! (Quite an achievement if compared to sticking straws into a girls ponytail or braided hair!)

Second round at face-painting. Now he's a pro!

Intricate weave of straws!

Transformers and Iron Man decided to make an appearance too! Aiden was delirious! But Ian kept to the play area so I had some peace and quiet to enjoy my food.

Aiden had the time of his life!

The BBGS gang.

Family photo.

Last shot before we left.

I'm driving superheroes around town!

Anyway, the kids had a blast and refused to leave. We had to tear them away with a bunch of empty promises. In fact, Ian kept saying "I want face, I want face" the next day too! *giggles* But it's all good. Thanks Fiza for having us, and Happy 1st Birthday Ali!


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