Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Losing Its Cool


Everything is breaking left, right and center, these past few days. Started with my cracked phone, which I subsequently repaired. A day later, discovered that I couldn't use the speaker function. Then we had a leak in our water pipe which caused zero inlet to our Coway water dispenser. We're still struggling to locate the leak, which means we've had to resort to the trusty ol' kettle for our water needs. And the latest, our refrigerator!

For the past few days, the motor has been grumbling and sighing quite pitifully. Slowly, it began to lose its cool (pun intended). We called a mechanic, and sure enough - the compressor was broken. The bad news - the part needs to be ordered. More bad news - upon turning on our backup fridge in the wet kitchen, we found out that it was broken too! *cries* But, I need at least one fridge to be repaired in time for my rounds of baking!!! (It's April, so naturally I'm in over my head with preparations for Aiden's birthday.)

Finally, we decided not to take our chances with spare parts. Called up a few electrical shops and inquired about their cheapest basic fridge, to replace our backup fridge. I think we started calling random shops at about 7pm, made our decision to bite the bullet at 8pm, arrived at the shop at 845pm and bought a new fridge at 930pm. And they had it delivered the next day at 3pm. *phewww* Fastest electrical shopping spree in my whole life!

Thank god ESH allowed us to redeem credit card points in return for cash, so we pooled all our cards for a cool rebate of nearly RM400.

So here's waving goodbye to the fridge that I grew up with (it's my late Mum's fridge!) and a warm hello to our new addition in the kitchen. Ah, sentimental value much. *sigh*

Out with the old, in with the new...

Update: After cramming everything we have in the new fridge, I've come to realize that we need more fridge space! I'm writing this while supervising the repairman who is trying to fix our main fridge. And even with new spare parts, it's not working! Aaarrrggghhh... Mane nak sumbat birthday cake Aiden nie??

Please please please come to life. Please!!! *desperate baker*


  1. hope all goes well with the preparation for Aiden's birthday celebration.
    btw kak, raya coming soon, can you share some delicious cake/cookies recipies with us pls.. (boleh tulis kan step by step dia ni malay 😆, our english not very good)

    1. Thank you, Alhamdulillah the birthday went well. InsyaAllah will share more cake recipes. Biskut Raya I tak rajin nak buat. Paling kuat pun tart nenas or biskut cornflakes jer I pernah buat hehehe


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