Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Rose Gold

I'm sure you know my love for everything Apple. I have been a hardcore iPhone user ever since I jumped on the bandwagon with the iPod Touch back in 2007. I have also noticed a pattern with my iPhone purchases, i.e. it usually lasts for one model change before I get tempted to buy a new one. Hence I have the iPhone 3, 5, 6 and now waiting for the 8. (I moved from 5 to 6 because Apple offered me a replacement phone due to defects... read about it here.)

I literally can't live without my phone, hence it is usually in my hands. I love how hardy the phone is too. Once, I left the phone on the roof of my car and drove off confidently. Turned a fast bend about 100 meters from home, and heard the sound of something being flung off the car. It was about a 100 meters later before I figured out that it was my phone. And yet, it survived! Ian on the other hand, has dropped my phone numerous times. Nothing a new glass screen protector couldn't fix.

Last weekend, I went shopping with my sister-in-laws and came home a few hours later feeling absolutely famished. In my haste to get out of the car, I forgot that I had my phone on my lap. It fell, probably two jengkals onto the road. I thought nothing of it - Ian has done much worse.

Imagine my shock when I picked it up and found that my screen had cracked! OMG OMG OMG.

After calling a few places I found on Instagram, I found a place that could repair the screen (my LCD was still working, Alhamdulillah) for just RM150. Drove over to the place the next day, and they suggested for me to change my housing too as it is slightly bent. Best part... they offered the housing in Rose Gold!!!!!! OMG I love pink! Of course I said yes, and became RM300 poorer.

So, presenting my old iPhone 6 Plus in its new Rose Gold casing. Can pass off for an iPhone 6S Plus kan kan kan? Bolehlah, at least until the iPhone 8 arrives.

I'm in love with pink!

Not to forget, my Lego casing that I lovingly crafted on my own.

OK, bring on iPhone 8, pronto!


  1. I'm using the 6 Plus too now and took me a while to get used to the size but now I can't go smaller for sure. I'm eyeing the red limited edition but I heard 8 is coming soon so maybe I shall wait! I hate that we need to change phone every year to keep up!

    1. Yeah, it took me quite a while to get used to the size as well, especially cos I can't type with one hand. The red looks good but I'm still waiting for 8. Pray hard that my 6Plus lasts until then hehehe

    2. Im using 6 plus and Was eyeing the red too!! But since 8 is coming out soon let's just be patient and wait for it. On the other hand, dah kenapa nak tukar every new model??? As if i utilize all the apps pun kan 😑🙄

    3. Hahaha yes that's why I skip one model all the time. As long as the battery lasts long (enough) and it doesn't lag too much, tahan nafsu 😅😅


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