Thursday, April 6, 2017


Just last week, Facebook 'On This Day' brought back memories of Aiden's maiden sleep on his own bed. I remember how happy I was about this particular milestone, especially since I could escape from his wandering hands at night!

Aiden had this habit of putting his hands underneath my body during the night. It's his way of getting warm, without getting into the blanket! Fast forward to today, Ian inherited Aiden's habit, but in a weirder twist - he enjoys putting his hands on my bare skin hence bawah ketiak lah, atas perut lah. Man... I was so happy when I managed to chuck them both onto the mattress on the floor.

Well, time for me to announce another significant milestone for the year. *drum roll please...*

I managed to convince them to sleep in their own room!!!! *cue chicken dance here* I am still so deliriously happy over my new found freedom! Hubby and I can talk *ehem ehem* all night in private! No more talking in hushed voices and lying rock still so that the kids fall asleep. Time for number 3??? Heh, no no... Let me enjoy my newfound freedom while it lasts.

Anyway, their Star Wars room is nearly complete. (Which is why they agreed to sleep in their room in the first place.) Sharing some photos of their new crib:

Hunted mercilessly for this matching bedsheet and comforter set. So glad I made the effort - I love how it matches the BB8 pillow!

The side dresser, peppered with everything Star Wars. The Death Star LED light comes in the Millennium Falcon version too - scroll below for photo.

Adorable BB8. Reused the kids' birthday banner as a wall deco.

Can you believe that the grey study desk used to be mine? I studied for my UPSR, PMR, SPM and even my degree, on that desk. Still in perfectly good condition, ready for Aiden and Ian to use. Also - a mini desk by the side for Ian.

So the first night they slept in their room, we decided to camp on the floor outside their door. (Kiasu parents!) Just in case, you know - someone cries, or needs to pee, or even sleepwalks! Oh sakitnya belakang when I woke up the next morning. Ah the things we do for our kids. But it was an uneventful night, apart from the fact that I forgot to turn down their aircon. Hubby said their windows were fogged up with condensation that morning. Ian sampai demam! *my bad*

So the ritual is now hugs and kisses, choose a favourite colour for their own Star Wars bedside light, tuck them into their blankets (Ian usually kicks them off) and then choruses of "Good night, sweet dreams, don't let the bed bugs bite!" And then we close the door. Sometime I put my ear to the door to eavesdrop on their conversations. But so far it has been peace and quiet. Perhaps the chit chat will happen when they are both older?

They've been at it for a week now. So let's hope this last. Cos I've had my taste of freedom and I'm not about to let it go anytime soon! *giggles*

Wish me luck!


  1. Hip hip hurrah! My Bean got his own room last December at 3.5 years old and Girl has been in hers for 3 years now - I am still celebrating every single night, LOL.

    1. Every single night, eh? Hehehehe. Wowwwww they sleep separately! Amazing! My Aiden is such a scaredy cat - every time I check on them before I retire to bed, I find Aiden snuggling closely to Ian.

  2. you must celebrate this freedom! with a special occasion with hubby 😆😘


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