Friday, April 21, 2017

Post Party Blues

Hello hello hello!

Post party blues today. And to add salt to the wound - it's also Friday blues! *long sigh* Can't wait for the long weekend!

Alhamdulillah, all went well with Aiden and Ian's party last Saturday - apart from some select dramatic moments:
  1. The fire station had a last minute request for a kadet bomba camping trip which meant that the station couldn't supply as many chairs as we originally anticipated. Hence we ran out of chairs at the peak of the party.
  2. Ian got so flustered with the heat that he took off his helmet just before the cake cutting. While the guests were singing the birthday song, I tried to salvage the situation by calling out to my maid to help put his helmet back on. She misheard me and started rummaging through the bag for a comb! A comb!!! My sister in law hurriedly pointed to the helmet and my maid managed to plonk it on Ian's head just as the song ended. Photographer nak amik gambar pun tak boleh cos it was blocked by her hand. Andddddd, the whole drama (with my high pitched voice calling out to my maid) was recorded in their birthday video. *buries face in hand* Oh the drama!
  3. Tak cukup goody bags, yet again! I made so many backup goody bags but we still ran out. What gives???
  4. Our piñata fell before everyone had a chance to hit it. (The string holding it yielded before the structure of the piñata broke.) A young guest actually cried cos she didn't get a hit!
The firemen entertaining the kids.

Other than that, it went smoothly without a hitch! Weather was nice too. Alhamdulillah, the folks at the fire station were an awesome brood. Despite having to drop everything to attend to emergencies just before the start and at the end of the party (what awesome timing!), which was quite a remarkable show for us bystanders - they gave their full commitment to the party! They entertained the kids, drove our guests in the fire engine at least 10 rounds around the compound, gave the adults a crash course on putting out fires and using fire extinguishers, and even turned on the waterworks for some fun-filled water play!

Us in the fire engine.

Water play!

Hubby learning how to use the fire extinguisher. Aiden kept cheering "My daddy is a hero!" ;)

As usual, photos from the official photographer are still in the works, so I'm sharing some amateur photos that we took using our own camera/phones. I'll save the official photos for a more complete blogpost, complete with vendor credits and DIY tips. Hence for now... Enjoy!

They graciously allowed us to use their fire engine in the background, to complement the dessert table.

The kids crowding around the dessert table. I love how everyone in this picture are wearing fire helmets!

The black bags at the bottom are the goody bags for each kid to bring home.

Sugary goodies guaranteed to make your kids sugar high!

A close up,

Homemade fondant cookies. I spent a whole afternoon on these.

Fire engine birthday cake. No where close to beating last year's Millennium Falcon cake!

Sixlets candy (balls of fire), gum balls and cupcakes with chocolate toppers.

The only thing not homemade. I hate making cake pops, so I ordered these cuties.

Ian stealing the thunder from his brother's cake moment!

Took us a whole night to make the cake... and then sliced in a jiffy!

Family photo.

Abang Bomba, I love you! *giggles*

The backbone of the party; what will I do without these girls!

Sporting sister-in-laws... and models for the next Bomba calendar.

Last few photos for the day - one with the Ketua Balai and the awesome crew!

Happy 8th birthday, Aiden Irfan. We hope you had a tremendous time at your party! Mummy, Daddy and Ian loves you soooooo much. We wish you nothing but the happiest and the brightest future, InsyaAllah.


  1. bomba tak bomba, yang penting high heels i warna merah kay... hahahaha happy birthday aiden!

    1. Hahaha actually warna orange tauuuuuu! Sampai sakit kaki pakai heels the whole day. Tapi gigih jugak pakai sebab nak match the uniform. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Awww thank you! All my hard work paid off then! :)

  3. So lovely!! Best gila birthday Aiden & Ian!

    1. Aiden and Ian send a big thank you to you! :)

  4. Salam sis.. mana nak beli uniform bomba yang anak sis pakai tu? Thanks..

    1. Wsalam. Sorry for the late reply. Saya beli uniform tuh from Taobao. Ada a local Malaysian agent yang tolong belikan (cos I can't read Mandarin to order myself). I opted for air shipping sebab nak cepat but can also choose sea shopping for a cheaper rate. Hope this helps!


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