Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Aiden's First Cookie

Aiden has been gnawing at his knuckles, at Bibik’s shoulder and my cheek for the past one week. I suspect he’s teething. So I decided to give him a biscuit for him to gnaw at to reduce the itching sensation.

And Aiden being Aiden, of course he relished the new food experience!

Aiden trying to shove the whole biscuit in his mouth. Tak muat-lah sayang oi!

"Mummy, this is nyummy!"

"I can eat with my hands!"

"So is this what hands are for? Nyummmm..."

"Delicious and scrumptious"

"Can I have another, pleaseee???" *cheeky smile*

Vroomm vroommmmm goes the jeep on Aiden's shirt. If he pops anymore of those cookies into his mouth, I don't think he'll fit into this anymore!

Comotnyer anak Mummy!

Okay now feast your eyes on my revamped dining hall. Well, minimal change actually. But more for hubby in Singapore who's freaking out: "You bought more flowers??? Cukup lah!" Can you tell how much he hates flowers? When he moved in 4 years ago, he simply could not stand the sight of the basket of flowers my late Mum had, and so we threw it all away. So its not a wonder that I never receive any flowers from him!

Replaced the old carpet with Aiden's original nursery carpet. Putih bersih to match the beige chairs.

My new vase (RM35) and Lillies (RM3 each), both from Day 3 of the Macy's sale.

My new pair of candles. Very unique. Was RM10 at the Macy's sale as well.


  1. Suka tengok Aiden cute!!
    Rajin yer deco rumah :-)

  2. wah deco rumah..
    igt deco umah baru tu..:D

  3. Eynda & Wirda, deco rumah sekarang lah, sebab rumah baru lambat lagi boleh deco kan. Sampai harinie tak dapat kunci lagi tau. Sob sob, merajuk ngan SPK la camnie!


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