Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Aiden's First Movie

This actually happened a week ago, but with everything that has happened this week, I am simply pooped!

Last Tuesday, about an hour away from close of business, my sister called me to ask me to accompany her to a movie. I say accompany because I’m very shy shy to say that I actually wanted to see the movie. Haha! I was a bit reluctant about leaving Aiden at home with Bibik till late night, so my sister offered to pick them up to join us for the movie. I hesitated. I know I had wondered about the right age to bring Aiden to a movie in my previous post, but I didn’t think I was going to try it out anytime soon!

Well, my sister managed to convince me, and I was left waiting for the clock to tick to the right numbers for me to be able to leave the office. About 15 minutes to the much awaited time, my boss called me in! He wanted to discuss work *what else is new*.

Meanwhile, Aiden, Bibik and my two siblings were enjoying themselves in Chillis while waiting to enter the cinema. Hhmmpphh!

Aiden checking out the gurls and the social scene.

Awien posing with Aiden's sweater. Yeah, the one Mummy bought when she wasn't even preggers!

By the time the movie started, I was still stuck with my boss. So, I missed Aiden’s initial reaction! According to Awien, Aiden was really quiet when they entered the dark cinema. He sat in his stroller, watching the big screen, and was still exceptionally quiet. Awien was a bit puzzled by his reaction, so she took Aiden out of his stroller and onto her lap. As soon as she did that, he started “having a conversation” with the actors on screen! So cute!!!

Soon after, I arrived and Aiden was still behaving very well in the cinema. He sat on my lap, and whenever I kiss him, he would try to eat my cheek in return. I let him lick a couple of popcorn kernels (which he enjoyed immensely!), and in return, he started to poop! So in the middle of the movie, I had to bring him out and change his diaper! Phewwww it was smelly!

After pooping, he started blabbering to the screen again, so I gave him his bottle of milk. I didn’t want to bother the other movie patrons. Soon, Aiden was sleeping soundly.

Not to forget, it was Bibik's first movie too!

Mummy is so proud of you for behaving so well!

All in all, it was a great night out! All of us were very impressed with Aiden. He wasn’t scared, neither was he a nuisance to any of us.

Thanks to Aiden, we all got to watch the movie we’ve been anticipating for so long: Pisau Cukur *grin*

Aiden was in an extremely good mood after waking up from his nap.

Then we visited LV to check out GrandDaddy's 75th birthday gift. While Mummy prays hard for a particular something in the store to arrive in her hands for her 27th birthday!

Aiden with his favorite past time: taking off his shoes & socks and nibbling on his toes. Erm, isn't that an old wives tale which means that Aiden may be getting a sibling? Aacckk!!!

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