Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Is It

Yup, we did it. After a 6 month hiatus from the cinema scene, we made a comeback with a big BANG! By watching MJ's This Is It. So this is it - the resurrection of regular movie dates ala ala masih baru kahwin and tak sedar diri dah jadi parents!!!

Anyway, before I delve into the details about the movie, let me first say, Happy Birthday Boy Boy! OMG dah tua!

This is my brother aka the Birthday Boy. We celebrated his birthday by having lunch at Tony Romas. He had steak. Rugi woo...

He should have had this. Their signature scrumptious beef ribs *telan air liur*. Thank god it was lunch so I could actually have a bite instead of having my protein shake.

See how much Awien is enjoying her food? Dah la tak offer jagung. Kena order sendiri. Iskh.

Mummy passed Aiden to Aunty Awien so that Mummy could have a decent meal.

Butterfingers Awien couldn't even manage to take a decent picture of us.

So after lunch, I tagged along Awien and Boy Boy in hunt for THE perfect birthday present. Boy wanted a pair of sneakers. So, guess where they all went? Gucci.

Yup, Gucci. Do you know that a pair of shoes in Gucci costs as much as a Coach handbag on sale? Hmm... I rest my case.

After leaving Boy Boy frustrated in Gucci for not having those sneakers in his size (I think Awien was secretly praying thank God!), we rushed home to drop Aiden with Bibik. We were actually going to go watch a movie!!! *clap*clap*clap* Hubby was darn excited. He is a massive fan of MJ. Me? I was just really happy that we were going to watch (any) movie!

And the movie was great. As a fellow neighbour commented, Orianthi is a guitar goddess. But somehow, I prefer the lady with the frizzy hair who could sing the house down. I like her confident attitude. Its like, when you see her - you think she's a typical quiet Asian (must be the eyes). But instead, she's like that lady Asian doctor in Greys Anatomy. Alah... ape name dia???

During the movie, a little boy waddled his way around the cinema and landed right beside my seat. I could see that his mum had popped the binky in his mouth to make sure that he keeps quiet while the movie was playing. But kesian, he was really bored. By the end of the movie he was already banging on the popcorn tub. Hmm... I wonder, when IS a suitable age to bring Aiden to the movies? Don't really know how many more of these movie dates I am ready to go to, as I kept feeling guilty for leaving Aiden behind.

Right after the movie we rushed home................... to find Aiden fast asleep:

OMG so kesian lah Mummy's Boy! He must have missed us so much that he tried looking for us under the couch!


  1. Comelnyer Aiden :-) Suka tengok baby tido...sejuk hati...

  2. Ohhhhh... Sandra Ohhhhhh... ;)

  3. Sha, heard the good news! Congrats... *hugs*

    Eynda... suka tengok baby tido? Maybe time for Hannah untuk dapat adik kut, hehehe.


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