Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Especially for Daddy

Daddy is miles away and is missing Aiden tremendously. It is, after all, Daddy's first night in Singapore. Without Aiden and Mummy cramping up his bed space. I told hubby that Aiden is wearing his Zebra striped pajamas for the very first time. Somehow, this made hubby really sad. So I snapped a few pictures for his sake.

Blanket still on

Blanket halfway off

No blanket in sight

Aiden, oblivious to the fact that Daddy isn't around...

Before I end, can I just say this?

1) I hate having to turn on the alarm clock before I sleep.
2) I hate having to press on snooze a gazillion times.
3) I hate having to climb out of bed to make milk at 4 in the morning.
4) I hate having to do my make up before I jump into the car.
5) I hate having to drive to work.
6) I hate having to drive home from work.
7) I hate having no excuse to cook dinner.


1) I love the fact that your mobile phone is our alarm clock.
2) I love the fact that I can trust you to wake up earlier than me and yell at me to wake up.
3) I love the fact that I can make you climb out of bed to make milk at 4 in the morning.
4) I love the fact that I can do my make up in the car, while you battle the traffic jam.
5) I love the fact that you drive us to work...
6) And back.
7) And I am now stuck with drinking Herbalife for dinner cos there simply isn't any reason to cook without you around!

Sayang... baliklaaaaaaaaaaaaa........


  1. thank you sayang for the lovely post...miss you all..

  2. wah, so sweet and sedih at the same time

  3. Mula2 geram tengok gaya Aiden tido tu..tapi bila baca part bawah tu aiyarrkkk...buat eynda rasa sayu laaaa....cian liz :-(

  4. air asia tgh giving away free flight to sg...

    hihi..sabar beb..one year will go by in a breeze! and aiden is so cute..tido gile ganas!

  5. Thanks for the support gurls. I am still coping and adapting. It IS his turn to travel after letting me do the same for 2 years kan?

    And Sha - I dah beli "free" ticket AA for May, June and July! Borong semuaaaaaa!!!


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