Monday, November 16, 2009

Seventh Heaven

For my birthday, Sothys rewarded me with a free aromatherapy massage worth RM298, and a 15% discount on any one Sothys product. After making sure that this wasn’t a marketing gimmick, I relented. So, after spending 4 days straight at the Macy’s sale I decided to reward myself with the free massage. Besides the massage, I topped it up with a whole body scrub and a slimming blanket treatment. After consuming Herbalife for a month, I have seen a bit of result in my weight, but it obviously isn’t enough!

So yesterday, after returning from the last day of the Macy’s sale, I drove straight to Pavillion. Sothys is located on the seventh floor. There is only one set of lifts serving this floor, which is filled with spas, slimming sanctuaries and other (so called) healthcare providers designed to burn a hole in your pocket.

But really, Sothys is a good choice for facials. I love their service, the staff knows me by name, I like how they pamper me and the back pulse point massage that comes with the facial is absolutely to die for!

The cosy waiting area.


My own private wash basin and bathroom.

The massage table, and the feet soaking thingy.

After the treatment, as usual my beautician, Celine would talk me into buying their products. Usually, I would not give in. And I had made up my mind to only replenish my stock of face cream during this visit, utilizing the discount voucher. But this time, because it was my first try at the full body treatment, Celine kept convincing me that I needed a stretch mark and firming cream. And apparently they had a promotion – spend above a certain amount and you get to buy their cleansing milk and toner for a special price.

Out off all the good things about Sothys, this is the only thing that I hate. It is not in their nature to give things out for free. For instance, in order to get this, you have to purchase with purchase (PWP). Or buy a cash card. And you can’t use a birthday discount voucher over a PWP promotion.

I don’t know why but I let my guard down this time around. Celine managed to convince me to buy a few items. Kononnya I will need to replenish my toner and cleansing milk stock anyway, so why not buy it now. “It’s equivalent to purchasing 4 bottles at the price of 2!” So she says.

My latest loot.

The damage was… erm… I’ll keep it to myself. And I wasn’t happy with the fact that I could not use my 15% discount voucher, since it shall expire at the end of the year. (Anyone wants this voucher, please let me know.) I was grumbling at Celine to let me use the discount with the PWP thingy, but to no avail.

Suddenly, Celine said “Wait, I’ve got something that will cheer you up! A special treat especially and only for our Platinum members for their birthday!” And she came out with a bouquet of flowers, and a cake that says - Happy Birthday Liz. Terus sejuk hati. Damn.

Layers and layers of nyummy tiramisu. *drool*

Even Aiden had a bite (of the cream, not the coffee!)

One candle only? I am only one year old! *denial*

But when I got home, I got to thinking, how much is a cake and a bouquet of flowers, in relative to what I’ve just spent?

Oh well, I can’t turn back time, can I? *sigh*

Aiden laughing his heart out at Mummy's gullible-ness :(

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