Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Birthday Discount Vouchers

It is my Birthday month, and as usual - all the discount vouchers and special birthday promotions would come pouring into my mailbox. And I would meticulously read each and every voucher (and savour the words) while mentally choosing things to buy with the vouchers.

I know, I know. It is usually a marketing gimmick. In a normal month, the thought of purchasing an item would never cross my mind. But by giving me a voucher and birthday discount, of course I would be tempted to cash in on the (so called) promotion!

Last year I received a birthday voucher for RM20 off any item in Loccitanne. No strings attached. No minimal purchase needed. So I thought, why not? And guess what happened? Nothing in Loccittane costs less than RM20. A slight execption was that facial paper blotter thingy, which costs RM25. Did I bother getting anything? Nope!

Unfortunately, a slightly different story for last year's discount voucher at Padini and Aussino. Hold on to that one while I digress.

Another frustrating thing about being born in November, is the fact that it is usually the sale season. So, whenever I receive a birthday promotion, the ongoing sale would almost always be cheaper! Which beats the entire purpose of even getting a birthday promotion in the first place!

So the story about Padini. Yeah, I cashed in on the voucher (20% off) and the very following week the exact top was on sale at 30% off. Ausinno? The goose feather pillow was on sale at the exact same price as discounted on my voucher.


So this year, I decided to vet through all the vouchers and finally chose to cash in on my Times book birthday promotion. 20% off all books plus an additional RM3 off! The aim was to get The Time Travellers Wife (before I subject myself to yet-another-movie-which-does-not-do-justice-to-the-book). I was also eyeing The Gift. Last year it was on hard cover and hip hip hurray, the paperback has just been released. Unfortunately no budget for Dan Brown's latest book which was still on hard cover. Sob sob...

Aiden thumbing through the thick novel.
And then tried to chomp on the Chick Lit.

Aiden enjoying mechanical crocodile meat. What is it with babies and their tendency to pop everything in their mouth??!!

Aiden: "Mummy, size 12 is not fat. Neither is a size 14. I know its my fault that your current size is a double digit...."

5 books to keep me company until Hubby gets home in 9 days.

After letting Aiden chomp on my books and the Astro remote and the house phone, I finally gave up, gave in, and gave Aiden his bottle. No, I am not trying to deprive him from vitamins and minerals from the milk. Rather, I am trying to keep him from making a mess on the bed! Since Aiden can hold his own bottle, he is finding it rather fascinating that his hands are able to position the teat into his mouth, and out again.

Bottle in....

And bottle out.

Look at the mess, on the bed and on his face. Yikes!!!!


  1. Heheheh rajin tapi takde masa. Now Siddiq takde, rajin balik lah!


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