Sunday, November 8, 2009

Reminiscing a Baby Shower

Was browsing through my long list of “Blogs I Read” and suddenly my index finger clicked on a particular blog that I have not read for quite a while. The owner of this blog was responsible for the nyummy-licious cake for my baby shower. Take my word for it, Kak Shashue is one creative lady! And while I was browsing around in her blog, I came across an entry specially dedicated to me *perasan*. Actually, specially dedicated to my cake... Click here!

Allow me to reminisce... It was nearly two weeks to the designated date, and every cake shop I approached would not entertain my request for a custom made cake for my baby shower. I was so desperate, I emailed a few floggers who specialize in cupcakes and cakes. Again, no go. Until one of them recommended that I visit Kak Shashue’s Flickr album. While clicking through, I realized in a shock that she is actually my neighbour’s sister! Of course, my pleads for a baby shower cake was entertained, and in return I gave her the free reign to design whatever she wanted. And the result was simply fabulous!

So enjoy the pictures from the past, of my baby shower...

A baby shower to welcome Aiden Irfan...

Mummy and Daddy were super duper excited back then...

The fabulous cake by Kak Shashue!

Booties inspired cupcakes.. nyummy!

The crowd of only my closest friends. Could not invite more due to insufficient space!

I was carrying 25kgs around back then. Swollen feet, chubby cheeks. I was around 34 weeks pregnant and had a double chin. So don't want to post a close up picture of myself!

One of the baby games we played during the baby shower. Hilarious!

My very sporting friends hard at work answering the tough baby questions!

Boxes wrapped my myself and hubby, while the blue ribbon was glued by Awien. Bravo to us, we slept at 3am making 35 of these goody boxes..

The last remaining gurly top (sold all when I found out that the baby is a BOY instead of a girl)... so the teddy gets a brand new Baby Gap top!

First baby item that we bought way back in 2006 at the Victoria Market in Australia (yes yes, Mummy is very well prepared..). The shop lady wanted to know whether the sheepskin shoes were for a baby girl/boy, obviously we didn't know which - so we bought a neutral colour, BROWN!

The teddy with the snow cap that gave his name away. Kecoh everyone excited over the name. Haha!

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