Monday, November 23, 2009

A New Nursery for Aiden!

Aussino recently sent an email to all their Linen Lover members - an invitation to participate in a children's room makeover. It was a chance to get a new nursery for Aiden, and maybe Aiden will become famous over TV2 and be able to pay for his own university fees from baby modelling jobs! *wishful thinking*

Anywayyyyy... wishful thinking aside, I decided to give it a go. I mean, what harm can it do right? Print a couple of pictures, write a short essay, and Wallah! A new revamped nursery! So check out Aiden's current nursery and why I think it should get a makeover!

This is our first baby. And it is no surprise that parents get extremely excited over their first-born. So when I was 4 months pregnant, I literally begged the doctor to tell us whether I was carrying a girl or a boy. Incidentally, the doctor’s appointment fell on my birthday, so I gave him a bit of a guilt trip – requesting him to advise us on the gender as a birthday present. So he gave in – it was a girl. So he says.

After raiding the year end sale for pretty frocks and adorable dresses, we decided to paint the nursery pink. We also purchased flowery girly girl decorations and piled on the teddy bears and dolls. Fast forward 5 months later, Aiden came out – a boy. And repainting the nursery blue has been in the to-do list for the past 7 months. Even the nursery is a mix and match of pink and blue. There is a blue basketball rug, a Manchester United jersey, macho looking dinosaurs and multi-coloured numbers, in an effort to tone down the original theme of the room.

So Aiden deserves a nursery makeover because his parents did a big boo-hoo by assuming that the ultrascan was right. He deserves a new blue boyish nursery, and he is happy to accept any sporty theme, from basketball to football! Though only 7 months, Aiden enjoys watching footy on the telly for some quality time with Daddy. He enjoys the pace of the sport and spends so much time with avid football fans, that his sleep isn’t even disturbed when patrons of the local Mamak stall opposite our house yell “Goal!” in the wee hours of the morning.

Lovingly made by Daddy, even though the base was from Toys R' Us.

Don't you think it looks like a clash of pink and blue at the same time?

A Manchester United Jersey and a basketball rug to make the nursery look more boy-ish.

You may not be able to see it that clearly in the picture, but the walls are actually PINK!

Good thing the bathroom is blue. Because I loved blue when I was in school, so my Mum changed the bathroom to blue.

So? Do you think Aiden deserves a new nursery? If you do, pray hard that we'll win then!


  1. canteknya bilik aiden..hampir tak perasan ada entry baru sbb tarikh entry jauh kebelakang..huhuhu..

  2. Hahaha... Liz mmg gitu. Takde masa nak update blog, so sempat karang dalam otak jer. Tapi bila ada mase terus letak backtracked entry sampai dua tiga!

    Cantiknya bilik Aiden? Macam bilik girl... kesiannnnn Aiden ;)


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