Sunday, April 25, 2010

Renovation Progress: Week 7

Week 7 of renovation. In my opinion, not much progress. Mainly because the wetworks were mostly completed therefore my ID Contractor had moved some of his workforce out onto another project. Next to come shall be the wiring team, the plaster ceiling team, the CCTV team and the alarm system team.

Not much change on the extensions, except that the window frames for the master bedroom were already installed.

Most of the workforce were concentrating on the final touches on the maid's room.

Still much to do.

Artistic pictures from dear Hubby.

Of the workers scraping cement.

And the workers hard at work.

And the workers under the scorching sun.

Pose for pictures, Wak!

My husband is so the paparazzi.

Daddy and Aiden fooling around.

Aiden clapping his hands in delight.

While waiting for my ID Contractor to arrive, I took the opportunity to check out the master bedroom.

Bedroom window frame installed. And look at the mess in my garden *shakes head in dismay*

My hands are itching to clean up that mess, pronto!

Meanwhile, hubby was outside talking to the CCTV installer.

But Aiden wanted to play.

See... Aiden literally grew up with the house renovation.

Playing with Daddy in the porch.

In return, Aiden grabbed Daddy's glasses. His favorite game of all!

Aiden celebrating his achievement.

And even tried on the glasses.
Poor weekend Daddy. Rindu Aiden!

Get your dirty fingers off, Aiden!

The extension of the guest bedroom. Extension wasn't flushed with the existing wall to make space for a built-in shoe cabinet. Although I am no shoe freak, I am a match freak. My shoes, my handbags and my outfit must match. So yes, I do own quite a number of pair of shoes.

The view from my staircase.

Mummy and Aiden taking a break at the only place where we could sit - the staircase!

Finally, the ID Contractor arrives. And he greets Aiden first (instead of the paymasters!)

Discussion time. Looks serious.

Yummy toes.

Measuring the wall to design the additional floor structure.

More fooling around with Daddy.


Aiden: "Enough Daddy!!!"

Aiden the cutie pie.

Can you count my teeth?

Awwww... *cair*

Then back in the master bedroom to discuss on the plaster ceiling design.

Which of course, would have to receive Aiden's chop of approval.

My poor baby. Had to make do with a mat as cover and diapers as pillow.

My rough-it-out Baby Boy!

Some of my friends complained that they didn't understand the modifications through the million and one pictures I tepek on the blog. So maybe these 3D pictures would explain it better?

This one should be easy enough. Before there were 3 windows.

Now there are only two.

Can you spot the diference? (Feels like I am playing the Spot the Difference application on my iPhone.)

This one is a bit complicated. See the maid's room at the back?

With the door right beside the single window?

Well now the door is facing the front instead of the side, and an extra window is placed in its place. Comprehend?

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