Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Cake Leftovers

No way was I even going to attempt finishing Aiden's two-tier birthday cake all by myself. Yeah, I probably could, but then the effort to burn those calories would be much too stressful. So I decided to spread the calorie around!

Come Monday morning, I carried the quarter eaten football cake proudly to the office. On the way up to the office, I received a lot of attention, grins and curious looks from various onlookers. Barely managed to balance my laptop bag, handbag and the cake to swipe my pass card at the door and finally the cake was safe in the pantry. Then of course, the cake cutting ceremony begin!

The football field was easy enough to cut, but the field underneath the football was quite challenging. So we decided to try to remove the football from the cake. Boy, was I surprised to find that the football was also made out of cake!

How many engineers does it take to "dismantle" a cake?

Three apparently. A Global Analysis engineer to navigate the football, a Mechanical Rotating engineer to handle the knife, and a Project Engineer to take pictures.

The Global Analysis engineer placing the football "gently" on a separate plate.

It was such a heart-wrenching moment when I had to cut the football open. Because to me it felt like it marked the end of Aiden's football party.

There was some leftover from the football cake, so that went back home with me. Back home, I was consuming bits and pieces of the cake for dinner.

This was taken today.

The cake is nearly finished. But the pictures from the party are still not up. How lahhhh??!!!

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