Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Eleven Months, Aiden!

Part 3 of my backdated post entries. This should be the last, I hope! Then I can start posting pictures from Aiden's birthday! Yippie ya yeay! So before we celebrate Aiden's 1st year milestone (where Aiden blossoms from a Baby into a Toddler - *sob*sob* I am tearing up), let's review his development at 11 months!

At 11 months, Aiden is now able to balance himself standing by just leaning on the sofa.He is too scared to launch into independent steps (let's save that for the next post) but did attempt a few tiny steps (while giggling and squealing nervously) whenever we force him to stand on his own. He knows not to try to crawl down the split level steps. He is fond of climbing up the staircase, but for the life of him simply cannot figure out a way to climb down.

Gadget-smart, Aiden understands the function of a remote. When given the aircorn remote, he would point it to the aircorn (although not pressing any buttons) and does the same to the TV when given the TV remote. Unfortunately he still hasn't mastered the concept of the telephone. Everytime we give him the cordless phone it would end up in his mouth.

In the car, he enjoys increasing and decreasing the radio volume by turning the knob and would laugh out loud whenever his parents screech "Aiden.... too loud lah Baby!!!". He is also now half car seat trained. Thank god, he adapted well to the car seat. The transition was smooth and nowadays when he is in the carseat he would snooze all the way to our destination.

Aiden is also a drama king. If we babab his hand whenever he does something wrong, he would rub the place where we smacked him and look at us forlonly with puppy eyes. He recognises both his parents very well and insists that both of us stay with him all the time - he cries whenever one of us walks out of his sight!

Physically, Aiden finally finally finally sprouted his first tooth on 30th March. Erm... let me rephrase that. Aiden finally sprouted five teeth at the same time! Two on top (gigi taring like a vampire) and the rest in line at the bottom.

Aiden also understands the word "bye bye" and would wave goodbye when we tell him to. Unfortunately, he would only waves goodbye when he is in a good mood. Yes, Mummy knows the world revolves around you, Aiden! He finally enjoys watching cartoons (at one point Aiden actually preferred David Letterman over Chuggington), sometimes advertisements on TV amuses him as well. He is such a Playhouse Disney junkie till Mummy has to not only turn off the lights, but also turn off the TV at night till the room is pitch dark to make him sleep. He knows how to pull his shirt off, if he's wearing a long sleeved shirt or his pyjamas. He constantly pulls on his t-shirt as well, as if irritated with the fabric he's wearing. Maybe he prefers his birthday suit, hence the dimple below:

And last but not least, my son is a hantu durian like his Mummy. Absolutely loves the king of fruits and yes, he cries when we don't give him more.

Aiden, you are still the apple of our eyes!

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