Friday, April 23, 2010


I was cooped up in a meeting room the whole morning as I was involved in a desktop review of some pretty important documents (read: confidential). I didn't even have time to sit in my own seat! So by the time lunch came around, the lunch gang had left for Pavilion so I made my way there all by myself.

They said to meet at the Loaf, and so I walked in, craning my head looking for them. I saw them seated right at the back of the restaurant, and the minute they saw me, they said:

"Oh my, comel nya!"
"Yes soooo comel!"
"Oh ya, you look so comel in this lah!"
"I love the look! Very comel!"

Just because I was dressed like this.

I was like "Huh? Who me? Wasn't really the look I was looking for! Hey, don't let the baju kurung fool you! I am still the very "garang" project engineer, okay?"

Now, back in my seat, I ponder. Was comel a compliment????? Or an insult?

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