Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Morning Before Aiden's Birthday Party

Date: 17th April 2010
Venue: Greens III, Tropicana Golf Club, PJ
Event: Aiden's First Football Birthday Bash

Picture of Greens III taken from Tropicana Golf Club's official website.

Finally... THE day. I woke up and remembered my heart beating furiously. Excitement and nervousness all rolled into one. It took me ages to get Hubby up and alert (tuh la, I told you to get the CD ready early, not last minute!!!), got dressed and we then loaded the car with boxes and boxes of stuff for the party. There was so much stuff to cart to the party that we had to drive two cars separately! We then parted ways - Hubby went to Subang to pick up our cheap labour (aka my sister-in-laws) while I went to Bukit Antarabangsa to pick up the cake and cupcakes. After the pick up, I rushed to Tropicana, because there was simply so much to do and time was obviously running out. But on my way to Tropicana, my Dad gave me a call and told me to meet up with him at Crystal Crown hotel because he needed someone to show him the way to the place so that he can set up his sound system gadgets! Aarrgghhh - can you imagine my frustration when I arrived at the hotel and had to wait half an hour for the whole entourage to arrive? *sigh*

By the time we left for Tropicana, it was already 12pm - 3hours to the party!

Air-conditioning and lights were off when we arrived, so we had to bear the heat for about half an hour until the maintenance guy arrives to turn on the air-conditioning!

First task of the day, fan club stands! While Mummy talks to the person in-charge to get the Tropicana crew to move the buffet line out of the room as the tables were positioned too close to each other that it looked cramped!

Then Aiden endorsed bottled water and chocolate bars for each seat.

Daddy inspecting the cake while Amal (one of my SIL) was given the task of assembling the football field center pieces.

Sticking white corner flags.

Not that easy, eh Mak Su Amal?

Red and black balloons courtesy of Tropicana Golf Club.

Football field, ready!

Aunty Awien placing football fields on each table.

Mummy placing loose footballs on the table for the kids to play with. And look at the banner - so small compared to the size of the hall!

Papa hard at work setting up his video sound system gadgets.

Mummy muka stress, kan? By this time the buffet line was successfully moved out, ice cream freezer, popcorn machine and all.

Table displays and loose footballs on the table.

One complete table! Can you see the caricature Hubby drew?

Mak Ngah was in charge of the balloons. While Daddy posed for a photo opportunity.

Kesian Mak Ngah, she actually injured her finger from twisting balloons! The lacerations on her finger were quite bad...

Pinata and football ready for some action.

Official video-grapher number one.

White and red balloons purchased from the Macy sale (and I still have leftovers for Aiden's 2nd birthday!).

My brother, Boy helping my Dad out. By this time, my Dad's voice had gone up quite a few decibals. Now can you tell where I get my panas baran from?

Video and white screen, courtesy of Papa, all the way from Ipoh.

Official video-grapher number two.

Aunty Awien and Mummy "fixing" the cake. The original cake had those plastic football figurines on it and I didn't think that it jived with the fondant figurine of Aiden on top of the cake. Instead, the fondant figurine on the cupcakes I had ordered separately looked better. So we removed the plastic figurines, separated the fondant figurine from its cupcake base and placed it around the football field. Check out the edible image cupcake around it - which was a mixture of pictures of Aiden and football club crests. And we were forced to place the cupcakes all around the cake because my friend didn't arrive on time with the cupcake stand!!!

You can't even tell that we fixed it, right? We even placed the two leftover fondant figurine cupcakes on each end of the cake!

Okay, I know you're dying for pictures from the actual party itself. I'll try to upload some, taken by my amateur sister in laws. But for the official pictures, you'll just have to wait and share my agony of waiting for the official photographer to get the pictures ready!

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