Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sanjeev's Farewell

I have been saying farewell to tons of people these past few months. Not only are they not renewing the contract for most of the secretaries at the office, but just next week the office is planning a farewell for four engineers from the Topsides team.

One of the four is a close friend of mine. He is a Petronas secondee, seconded to the Dutch Oil Company as our Topsides Project Engineer. After two years of being with the project, his rightful employer has called him back to serve his time. This friend of mine is so like me. We're always cracking jokes with each other, he is constantly contaminating my Facebook wall and not to forget, the office messenger chats and the gossip sessions!

The first time I saw his name on the name plate at his desk, I had expected to see an Indian chap. But he wasn't at his seat. When he eventually got around to introducing himself to the newbie (that would be me last year), I was dumbfounded and at lost for words when he told me his name.

This is Sanjeev Kumar. Doesn't look like a Sanjeev Kumar at all!

I decided to make the intiative to organize a farewell lunch with the office gang to celebrate (celebrate??!!) Sanjeev's departure. And poke fun at him for the last time by making him wear the devil horns and matching bow all throughout lunch!

Faizal and Teoh. Faizal was transferred to another project a few months back, so I have not seen him for quite a while.

Yvonne, Mummy Aiden and Sanjeev. This was Teoh's 3rd attempt at taking our picture. Butterfingers betul!

Maya, Jalina and Yvonne. And Widya refused to be photographed.

Sorry Sanjeev, only lunch this time. No pole dancing for you!

Chilli's signature burger. Huge by local standards!

Jalina always makes it a point to order starters for every single lunch event we have!

Teoh was given a very funny looking spoon to go with his fork.

The Drama King, as always.

Fajitas! Nyummy!

Hungry people don't bother looking at the camera. The only reason why I bothered with the camera was because my food was the last to arrive. And I was the most famished of the lot. Such a conspiracy!

Halfway through lunch, June arrive. She was late because of a meeting. Such is the life of a Project Engineer.

Typical men. Everything tastes better with ketchup!

Finally. My food arrives. Chicken crispers with corn and steamed vegetables.

How many engineers does it take to split the bill at n-1 with n being the number of people at lunch so that everyone foots the bill for Sanjeev's meal portion?

Pass the money to the lady with the handphone calculator.

Money, money, money...

Bye Sanjeev. I am sure our paths will cross again in the future. But instead of as colleagues, you'll be my Client. Be nice to me ah?

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