Monday, April 19, 2010

Backdated Renovation Pictures

Part 2 of my backdated posts galore! This time it is a post exclusively for the renovation progress of our new house. Unfortunately, I missed the progress of Week 3, therefore let's jump straight to Week 4:

View of the renovation from the main road.

The living hall extension is all bricked up, and the structure for the master bedroom is already up!

You must be wondering why the column at the downstairs and upstairs extension is not located at the end of the slab. Patience... all will be revealed soon!

The maid's room extension at the back is also ready.

Can't wait to show my new window!

The maid's room extension from outside.

We extended the walkway out into the garden and partioned half of the walkway into a maid's room.

The maid's room extension from the inside.

Why oh why do I have a feeling that the maid's room is too small???!!!

Then Week 5 of renovations. During this visit, we told our ID contractor that we thought the maid's room was way too small and that he needed to do something about it!

We knocked down parts of the front wall to create two more windows to match the existing one.

Those guys up there really need safety harnesses!

Note to self: intervene in unsafe acts!!

Master bedroom extension, nearly ready!

Our extended living hall. Now that, dear SPK, is a reasonable size for a living hall!!!

Oh, I so cannot wait to move in!

The pile of rubbish in my garden.

Now this is definitely one to complain. It had rained earlier in the morning, and by noon the land behind the PE was still a man-made lake!


  1. Dah siap nanti mesti cantik :-)

  2. Hopefully lah Eynda, especially banyak sgt changes kena buat during renovation. Bilik Bibik tuh kecik sgt, kena knock down balik untuk buat baru. Plaster ceiling living hall kena ubah sebab ade beam kat tengah tengah. *sigh* Tak sabar nak habis renovation!!


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