Monday, April 26, 2010

Of Kitchen Cabinets and RA Meetings

After spending the Saturday in Shah Alam, guess where we were on Sunday? Yup, Shah Alam again!

This time it was for the Resident's Association meeting - between the RA committee and the residents. The agenda was to inform the residents about the outcome of the last meeting with SPK and also to record all issues to be brought forward to the next RA-SPK meeting next fortnight. Also, since 80% of the current RA committee members (5 out of 6!) are not staying in their brand new homes just yet, we figured it was time for us to recruit new committee members who had already moved in and were actually facing these issues day in and day out.

But before that, a short stop at Signature Kitchen! Eons ago, we had asked for a kitchen cabinet quotation from them. And back then, Hubby and I had each fallen in love with their display cabinets, for the dry kitchen and the wet kitchen respectively. You see, my Hubby is the more artistic of us both. And because the dry kitchen is a "for show" kitchen, it was my Hubby's baby thus the onus falls on him to make it look good. As for me, the wet kitchen is where the actual frying, grinding and pounding would take place. Therefore I would be the best to dictate on the cabinet requirements of the wet kitchen, making it my baby.

So this was my pick. Beige cabinets with a black solid surface countertop.

The beige matches the existing brown/beige tiles in the wet kitchen.

Hubby loves white. He equals it to simplicity and cleanliness. But he doesn't like the aluminium frames like the one above.

He prefers this one. White simple clean lines.

Oh, and Signature Kitchen just launched a new array of imported kitchen cabinets, like the one above *drool*

Then off we went for the RA meeting. On the way we stopped to get a barrel of KFC (as it was held pot luck style!) and boy, it was such a big hit with the kids! The initial plan was to meet at the playground for the meeting, but then it started to drizzle and there wasn't enough space and seats for everyone under the gazebo, so we moved the meeting to the clubhouse instead.

We were the first to arrive at the playground, so Aiden had his first try at the swings!

Look at his fingers clenching tightly at the chains. Takut!

And just as Aiden was starting to enjoy himself, we had to move to the clubhouse...

After the meeting it was close to Maghrib so we decided to stop by our 'directly opposite' future neighbour's house for prayers and some hot water on the go for Aiden's milk.

Aiden and Amelle were both born in the same year. Play buddies!

Look at Amelle's chubby arms!

And this is Amelle's big brother, Aidan (pronounced Aiden). Both Aidan and Aiden are going to be so confused when both Mummies yell "Aidan/Aiden!!!". Look at Aiden Jr admiring Aidan Sr. And where is Amelle's other big brother, Adnan??


  1. which is cheaper? Signature kitchen or IKEA's?

  2. IKEA is not made to fit your kitchen. Their kitchen cabinets are ready made and they just fit it to your kitchen like jigsaw puzzle. If ade gap, they'll just put extra kayu to close the gap. And expensive, tak padan dgn jigsaw concept.

    Signature Kitchen is made to fit. Depending on the countertop and cabinet material you choose, they both might be around the same price, but of course with Signature Kitchen you can dictate what you want, however you want it. Made to measure lah katakan.


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