Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Past Month...

Hello peeps! Yes I know, I haven't updated my blog in ages (3 days shy to a month to be exact) and my blog followers are are probably waiting anxiously for pictures from Aiden's First Birthday Bash, held yesterday.

But.... I have made a solemn vow to blog about the past month first before attempting to blog about Aiden's birthday. Everytime I scroll through the pictures in my iPhone, i'll subconciously cringe when I see the amount of pictures still in my phone just waiting to be blogged about. So, i'll try to make it short and sweet so bear with me with these backdated entries yeah?

So, what happened last month?

1) Azwin, part of the office gang, gave birth to a Baby Boy! This gorgeous baby boy is Ariq - what a beautiful name! So two days after she gave birth I brought Aiden to meet his future playmate:

Ariq was also born in Prince Court, and visiting Azwin at the hospital certainly brought a rush of memories.

Awwww... look at him. So calm and at peace!

They've updated the name stickers since Aiden's birth at the hospital.

Aiden didn't even get to see Ariq, he was busy sleeping!

2) We went chandelier shopping! And we were absolutely gaga speechless with not only the price but the style, the weight, the length and the voltage of power it consumes! Check out some of our favorite picks. But I won't tell you which one I purchased. You simply have to wait till the house is ready!

Very modern. Crystals are not local made, but imported.

This was on sale. Hubby didn't really like it, cos it wasn't modern looking.

Black chandelier. Interesting!

Small, but because it uses halogen lights, it was really terang (read: consumes a lot of $$$$)

Suitable for a dining table, perhaps?

Two tier - suitable for high ceilings.

View from the bottom.

Small and sweet - for my walk-in closet, maybe?

3) Papa's 75th birthday was finally aired on I-Glam on TV9. I did not tell even a single soul that I was going to be on TV because I wanted to see for myself whether the TV does pile on the pounds on someone's figure.

Can you see hubby? That's him releasing birds from a cage as a symbol of freedom.

The family singing "You Raise Me Up" for Papa.

Papa sebak, but he looks normal size here.

Can you see the tip of my nose?

Our birthday speech for Papa at the end of the dinner. So what do you think? Do I look fatter on TV?

4) Aiden was brought to Prince Court Hospital because he was attacked by a chronic case of cough. His first cough attack in his whole lifetime!

Look at the time. It was close to 12, and Hubby's bus for Singapore was scheduled to leave at 1230am!

Kesian anak Mummy sakit.

And Aiden was such a good boy. He didn't even cry or squirm when the doctor wanted to check his throat! Instead, he just growled at the doctor *comel*!!

5) Mummy tried to cook Spaghetti Carbonara according to the online recipe for babies. This is again, part of Operation Fat aka trying to fatten Aiden up for his first birthday. Unfortunately, Aiden hated it. I am such a bad cook when it comes to cooking for Aiden! I have never been able to please him with my cooking. Fine, Aiden. I know bubur McD is so much nyummier right?

Spiral pasta.

The carbonara sauce made from flour, formula milk, butter and cheese.

That Happy Cow cheese was pretty expensive cheese. And Aiden didn't even like it. Iskh!

6) Visited the Perfect Livin' home decoration expo. Hubby and I have never missed a single home deco event since we got married! Last year the HomeDec expo was held during my confinement, and did it stop me from going? Obviously not! Hubby pushed me in a wheelchair around the KL Convention Center okay! So this year, Hubby took leave so that he could come back to KL an extra day early to go to the Perfect Livin' expo. And coincidentally, the Malaysia International Shoe Exhibition was on as well. So before we splurged on the house, I decided to take a peek although I am fortunately not a fan of splurging on stuff you wear on your feet.

I like the tag line!

Datuk Jimmy Choo was the star of the exhibition. His booth (or should I say area since the area allocated for him was HUGE!) was right smack in front of the entrance and beautifully decorated and lighted up by chandeliers.

And he looks exactly the same as his picture on the wall.

No way would I ever splurge this much on a pair of shoes!

I can pay off my car with this pair of shoes!

And finally the house splurging. Check out my new sink.

And my tempered glass shower screen. See how practical we were? We only purchased the bare necessities - the needs over the wants!

7) Aiden touched a rabbit for the very first time, and absolutely freaked out. Which was hillarious because he is usually very brave with cats - pulling tail and all. And to see him freaking out and crying when we extended his hand to stroke the rabbit, was funny!!!

Harmless rabbits in a cage right outside Aiden's Gymboree class.

Post freak out.

Daddy tried to coax Aiden to touch the adorable bunnies.

While Aiden sniffled and whimpered in distress.

8) Hubby and I attended our very first non-Malay wedding. My good friend in University got married to the girl of her dreams. The wedding was held at Tropicana Golf Club. The card said sharp at 7pm so we were there sharp at 7pm. Little did I know that Chinese-Indian mix weddings also follow the Janji Melayu rule of thumb. The dinner only started at 8pm!

Congratulations, Joshua and Tina.

So unlike a Melayu wedding where the bride and groom are forced to stay out of everyone's sight until the grand procession into the ballroom! Picture was taken at 730pm where the groom (in white) was in the ballroom giving last minute instructions to his kuncu kuncu.

This was the clearest picture of the couple walking down the aisle. Damn you iPhone.

I have to admit, the wedding was so sempoi. I had fun, Hubby and I laughed our heads off from the best man's speech ("marriage is not a word, it's a sentence. A life sentence") and they even made up a Joshua Raj game where attendees of the wedding had to predict the score of the football game going on that night between Manchester United and Chelsea!!

9) And last but not least, I finally picked up my dream kepala paip. I placed a deposit on this during last year's HomeDec! Back then it took me half an hour to coax Hubby into agreeing to buy this kepala paip. Yes, it costed us a bomb but I still wanted it. It would look so good at our dry kitchen........

I am so glad you're in my arms, kepala paip!

Love it, love it, love it! Thank you Hubby for putting up with my ridiculous request!

There you have it, the nine events in my life that would have qualified as a post in this blog. All compressed into one post! Next post, the renovation progress in the past month!


  1. Hi Liz,

    I've been following your blog for quite a while now, enjoy your entry and always look forward for the next one. However, always been a silent reader though. Just wanna drop a note to say hi. Btw, got to know about your blog through my sister in law, Sara aka mummy Khalif Aidan. Hope you have fun hunting for furniture and deco for the new home. Take care..:)

    - ZuRin -

  2. Hey Zurin. Wow, honoured to have a silent reader looking forward to reading my mindless blabbers. But I am glad you said Hi. I'm now a fan of your blog as well - adorable kids you have! And since you would probably be around Sara's house in the future, drop by lah to my new home (when we eventually move in!) ;)


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