Saturday, May 15, 2010

Aiden and Adeena

On Saturday, after Gymboree, Aiden went for a surprise date!

Adeena is my SIL's friend's sister's daughter. Okay, did I confuse you there? Cos I confused myself typing it as well! Because my SIL was very excited to show off his favorite (and only) nephew to his friends so she organized brunch with her friend, her friend's sister and of course, us.

Aiden is usually cranky after Gymboree because that is usually his nap time. And every Saturday we would stretch his nap time for Gymboree. So like clockwork, right after Gymboree and porridge for breakfast, he was obviously looking forward to some sleep in his car seat, usually when we drive to the new house. But this time, we're stretching it even more to accommodate brunch. Of course he became even crankier and irritable.

When the brunch gang arrived, Hubby got the shock of his life when it turned out that my SIL's friend's sister (Adeena's mum) is married to his University mate! They have not met for so long that the both of them actually forgot each other's name. (Jeez, talk about everlasting friendship!) And Adeena was sooo cute! She is 3 months older than Aiden, loves to walk up to just about anyone and offer her hand to "salam" (shake hands) - such a future politician, and when asked to "pose" she would smile, tilt her head to one side, act adorable and freeze). *cair* And her hair is wavy and longggggg, such a girly girl!

Aiden acting cranky even though a cute chick was sitting beside him.

Aiden jual mahal.

Aiden pretending to be preoccupied with his sippy cup while Adeena finds a way to say hello.

Adeena makes the first move. Good girl!

Adeena touches Aiden while Aiden pretends not to notice.

Aiden threatening Adeena with a chopstick, to not touch him again! Aiyooo Mummy's boy very garang!

Sorry Adeena, Aiden was just acting cranky. He didn't really mean it! I am sure on different circumstances (one where he is well fed and had enough sleep) he would have loved to play with you.

SIL then took Aiden for a walk, trying to get him into the "mood". And it worked! He finally took notice of Adeena and wanted to touch her. So we got the two toddlers standing on the table together.

SIL hatching an evil plan.

Aiden admiring Adeena. Told you she's pretty, son!

Now who touched who first?

And look at my playboy son. Touching anak dara orang!

As if that wasn't enough - he wanted to kiss her as well!

Muaaaahhhhh to Adeena!

After brunch, we headed to the new house, with Aiden asleep in his car seat of course. He was so pooped that even when we arrived and took him out of the car seat, he was still fast asleep! Thank god we had planned to clean the house this trip so we came prepared with tikar, comforter and stools (apart from the baldi, mop and such) to aid us in our work.

Aiden fast asleep in the master bedroom amidst the renovation going on all around him.

Plaster ceiling in the living hall, ready! That horizontal strip which is suspended lower than the rest of the plaster ceiling elevation, shall be integrated with the TV panel.

Plaster ceiling frame for the walkway in front of the patio. However this was wrongly done and needs to be taken out. The actual plan was to not have any plaster ceiling here, but instead make use of the height at this area to hang my beloved chandelier (which my ID Contractor alwayssssss complains about due to its length!)

Plaster ceiling for the dining hall. Complete with a light point to hang another chandelier!

And then, Aiden wakes up! Daddy and Nabil taking off Aiden's top because he was all sweaty due to the lack of air circulation in the house.

The glass panes for the windows finally arrives, ready to be installed tomorrow.

Bibik and I cleaned the entire top floor, including all the bedrooms and the bathrooms, even the Jacuzzi! Why clean the house when renovation is still ongoing? Well, we were excited! And also we wanted to check whether the ID Contractor had scratched any of our laminated flooring due to the renovation.

I am soooo looking forward to moving in!!!!!!

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  1. Aiden so cute bila die macam malu2 when Adeena touched his arm..BTW, you buat laminated flooring for the entire floor tingkat atas rumah you ker? Price range for 1 sq ft okay ker? I pon tengah survey2 nak buat laminated floor for my house..


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