Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Bruised Baby

I was on the phone with dear Hubby in the dark with the TV lighting up the room and Aiden was clowning around on the bed as usual. This time he was adamant about trying to scale down the bed with his newly found feet. The attraction was the cordless phone on the floor at the foot of the bed.

Aiden will only sleep if both the lights and the TV are out. I would usually turn off the TV making the room pitch dark and he would come crawling, looking for my arm pits for him to cuddle up to. And this time around, I was getting frustrated with having to pull Aiden away from the edge of the bed again and again so I turned off the TV hoping that he would get scared and behave.

Unfortunately the excitement of going for the phone overruled the fear of the dark. And my eyes were just getting used to the dark while my mind was thinking "why the hell isn't Aiden crawling to me yet" when I heard him hit the floor.

I screamed so loudly that my sister who was getting ready for bed in the next room barged into my room in panic. I hurriedly told Hubby that Aiden fell off the bed and threw the phone away. Scooped Aiden up to console him and I burst into tears when I saw a blue black bruise the size of a 20cent coin on his forehead. Screamed at the maid to get a cloth and hot water to tuam the bruise.

Mummy is so sorry, Aiden. I am really sorry. I cannot digest the fact that you fell off the bed while I was wide awake. I was preoccupied, and I apologize for that. I feel like such a bad Mummy..........

My poor bruised baby boy.

*Mummy tearing up again* *sniff*sniff*

P.S: Thank god everything was okay. Aiden calmed down, and drank his milk while Bibik tuam his bruise. And I knew he was feeling better when he wanted to imitate Bibik by taking the cloth and dipping it in the bowl of hot water!

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