Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy 13 Months Aiden!

Happy 13th Month Birthday!

Felt like just yesterday I was cracking my head typing a post for Aiden's 12th month milestone. And here I am, cracking my head again for his 13th month milestone. Geez, how time flies! And funny how there are plenty to report now that Aiden is older. Much better than back when he was between 3 - 7 months, because the only thing I could find to tell about was how "Aiden can now turn over" or "Aiden turns over again" - nothing interesting!

Anyway, at 13 months, Aiden understands multiple gestures that we make. When I hold my hands out wide and say "hug" he runsssss up to me with his arms wide open as well and throws himself at me. Ooohh makes me feel so loved! He also knows how to communicate his wants. He would point to something and make whimpering (or screeching) sounds to indicate that he wants it. Sometime I hear a faint "nak, nak". Or was it "nah, nah"?? But if you give him something else instead of the item that he had been eyeing, he would shake his head to indicate that that isn't what he wanted. Unfortunately, his pointing skill isn't really that great, so I would usually have to do two to three tries before finally getting it right. I also noticed that if I pass him something else which somehow or rather attracts him, he would accept it graciously, automatically forgetting the original want.

His walking is also definitely more confident. He runs around (and tumbles with scratches and lebams to show for them) and yes, my son is simply just too fast for me! Sometimes, when he wants to go even faster he would slip his fingers into my palm and pull me towards something, using my hand to steady and balance himself. And he would pull me towards all directions! Sometimes, even U-turning to his place of interest despite Mummy pulling him away and Daddy trying to attract his attention the opposite way! Loves going up and down the staircase, although he hesitates at uneven ground - must be the phobia from falling down the splitlevel staircase a month back!

Also, Aiden can finally 'talk' on the phone. I was getting quite worried when he didn't show any interest in putting the phone at his ear. But he has finally succumbed to the beautiful technology called the mobile phone. Just a few weeks ago, whenever the phone rings he would pick it up, look at it curiously and then pass the phone to me (without Mummy having to ask first!). But nowadays, whenever he sees my iPhone or when the phone rings, he would pick it up and place it 'behind' him. Yes, his definition of talking on the phone isn't by putting the phone at his ear, but instead by putting it behind his head. And then he 'talks' on the phone by saying "Eeyoo!! Eeyyoo!!". Something like hello-lah. Very adorable!!! Sometimes it doesn't even matter if an object isn't a phone. If it makes a sound, he would put it behind his head and start 'talking' to it. Aiden also knows how to press the iPhone button (there is only one button on the iPhone so don't ask me which one), and laughs when the phone lights up from his touch. I'm still waiting for the day that he will learn how to 'slide to unlock'!

Aiden loves watching videos on the iPhone. His current favorite is the Chuggington theme song. He would sit still, concentrate and sometimes laugh when we put it on. Even moving his butt to the music! And Mummy is still trying to figure out how to save the YouTube video into the phone. I bet my Maxis bill is sky rocket high this month just from downloading the video over and over again.

He also loves to imitate adult gestures. To start, he knows how to cap his milk bottle when he is done, how to cap his pacifier and how to cap his sippy cup. Recently, he imitated Bibik's way of putting on lotion. Everyday, after every bath, Bibik would massage Aiden with baby lotion. And Bibik is fond of pounding the lotion bottle on the palm of her hand to get even the last teeny weeny drop out of the bottle. So nowadays, whenever we give the lotion bottle (or any bottle from the dressing table) to Aiden, he would pound the bottle to his palm! Nowadays Bibik is trying to teach Aiden how to squirt some lotion out, rub the lotion between his palms and rub it to his face. I will let you know when he succeeds!

Aiden is also learning a lot from us. Being first time parents, we try to teach him the basics, and then get soooo excited when he remembers what we teach! I have been trying to teach him to do the 'flying kiss' for the longest time, and finally finally Aiden caught on. But the same thing as the 'kiss' and 'wave bye bye' - very much dependent on his mood. Somedays I have to coax him multiple times to do the flying kiss. On other days he would do it voluntarily to no one in particular! But one thing that he recently perfected is the angkat takbir. When we say "Allahuakbar", he would immediately put both his palms to his ears. Sometimes if he's lazy, he'll just put one palm to the ear, the other still busy doing whatever he was at before. And just yesterday, Hubby succeeded in teaching him something new. Now, when we say "Siapa Aiden Irfan angkat tangan?" he would immediately raise up his hand!

Aiden also knows that a plug should go into a socket point. Don't know where he learnt that one, but one day we caught him trying to push the mobile phone charger into a socket point. Brilliant boy!

Last but not least, Aiden is now a scaredy cat. He now knows the emotion called fear. If he hears something exceptionally loud, or he is left alone in a room, he would cry and run up to Mummy, pulling on Mummy's pants (and heart strings). If Mummy is dukung-ing him and he is scared of something, he would cling on to my neck tightly like a Koala bear. And going on the plane with Aiden is now not a pleasant experience at all. He cried the whole way - he was probably scared of the pitch dark sky view from our window seat. But that's another story for another day.

My two boys, you will both be the apple of Mummy's eyes for eternity!!

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