Saturday, May 8, 2010

Renovation Progress: Week 9

It is Saturday yet again, and if you've been following my blog you would know my usual ritual by now! However, this Saturday had a bit of a twist to it - after Gymboree, instead of heading straight to the house,we attended an RA meeting between the RA committee and the developer. We usually meet once every two months and this time it was to close out the issues that were raised during the RA meeting with the residents held two weeks ago.

My precinct is now officially guarded. Not only with guards but pass cards are used to regulate entry into the area. Now I am definitely looking forward to moving to this (hopefully) safe haven. Besides that, we were told that the clubhouse would be ready by Q3 this year. I am so looking forward to the gym and the swimming pool....

The RA meeting was held at the Semi-D show unit. And the show unit had lots and lots of mirrors so Aiden had fun playing with his "mirror twin".

Aiden amazed that the Aiden in the mirror was imitating his gestures.

The show unit has been closed for public viewing for quite a few months now, as they had turned it into an office. We had requested to see the show unit a few times after they closed it but were unfortunately declined. Just by luck the meeting was held at this particular showhouse. So right after the meeting I started snapping pictures of the dry kitchen (which Hubby wanted to copy) while Hubby called our ID Contractor to the house to take the measurements of the attic which we wanted to replicate.

Then we checked out the new show units for Precint 5 (Semi-D) and Precinct (6). They had a total of 4 showhouses, 3 types (A,B & C) for the semi-ds and one for the bungalow. And I nearly killed myself looking at those beautiful show houses. Wanna know why? Because the price of our new house (remember we bought the house only a year ago when the price had been jacked up TWICE!) plus the cost of our renovation, equals to the price of the smallest semi-d at launching, which, if purchased, does not have to be renovated, has a modern design, solid timber flooring, bigger built up, adequate living hall and guest bedroom and of course - the close proximity to the clubhouse and the view of the lake. *sigh* Please, can someone tell me that the grass is always greener on the other side?

Anyway, being thankful for what I have, let's check the progress of the new house!

My small but cute pedestrian gate, in the process of being hacked.

The frame for the U-shaped window is finally in!

Now to wait for the glass to be installed.

Wiring to the DB box under the staircase is plastered.

The structure of the plaster ceiling at the dining hall.

Tiles installed at the back walkway.

And the maid's room.

And the back doorway.

I nearly lost my temper over the tiles installation. Not only did they purchase the wrong coloured tiles, it was also the wrong size! And I was extremely disappointed that the contractor didn't have the common sense to start the tile installation from the doorway and into the maid's room instead of the other way round - leaving this horrible gap along the walkway. I insisted that they tear up the tiles and do it all over again, this time with the right tiles!

Alarm sensors for the new windows have also been installed.

Rain, rain, go away - come again another day!

3D sketches for the master bedroom and the living hall, on the house wall for the workforce to refer to.

Buried armoured cables for the garden spotlights.

Then off to my in-laws. It was my SIL's birthday so there was a small celebration at home. Also, my youngest SIL was leaving for matriculation so she wanted to see Aiden before she leaves for the jin bertendang place she was assigned to!

Nyummy chocolate cake, thanks to Petronas. Impromptu cake!

Aiden wanted to follow Mak Su to class by hiding in her suitcase.

Bye Mak Su, and good luck!


  1. Hi Mommy Aiden..It looks like we're going to be neighbor soon..I bought a house in Villa Suria, Sunway Alam Suria..Not in Cahaya SPK but consider dekat la jugak kan..I pernah survey houses around that area and visited your precinct too..Rumah dekat situ semua cantik2..modern design..But my husband preferred Villa Suria because one of his x-schoolmate pon ada rumah dekat situ jugak..
    Anyways, Nice knowing you! Are you working with P*tron*s?

  2. Hi Mira, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, we certainly are close neighbours. Mane tau terserempak at the mamak stall or something. I work with S*hell. What about you? Nigeria eh? Hahaha that's crazier than Sakhalin!!!

  3. Oo..Yup I am working in Nigeria with blue company (Sch*lumberg*r)..Well, memang crazy location but so much better than my previous assignment in terms of management..I live in the camp..tak boleh keluar freely sebab security level very high..
    InsyaAllah...Kalau ade rezeki boleh jumpe Liz..


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