Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Aiden's First Trip to the Beach

Finally! I have been procrastinating this for so long. I blame the 300++ pictures that we snapped during the weekend. Having to sort it out, resize it, auto correct using Microsoft Office Picture Manager and then uploading it 5 at a time to Blogger, just isn't my cup of tea. Notice that it has been nearly 6 months and I still haven't uploaded any pictures from last year's trip to Singapore? (Oh forget it, that post will never materialise now!)

Anyway, we were invited to Kuantan to attend a family wedding. And because of the labour day weekend, the hotels we usually frequent were fully booked. So when my MIL called and told me she had to book a 3 star hotel, I cringed. I wouldn't mind the hotel if only I was still single - if I can survive Sakhalin, I can survive anything. But with Aiden around - the musty room, the stained carpets, the less than pleasing toilet - we did it once and I swore never again!

Thankfully, Hubby agreed with me. So we decided to try out the Hyatt. And we got a good deal with the Dutch Oil Company corporate rate! But that wasn't the best part. It turned out that the government rate was even better, and because the Hyatt wasn't able to accomodate to our request for connecting rooms, they upgraded us to the deluxe rooms!

Aiden was able to walk around, and this time he went straight for the telephone.

Gambar wajib according to my MIL. Hubby has a picture of himself playing with the telephone as well.

I love beautiful bathrooms *drool*

I love the room tooooo....

We got the garden view instead of the sea view. Hey, it was a free upgrade, who's complaining?

Aiden all tangled up.

Way too adorable!

Aiden: "What mischief should I get into next?"

As soon as the bags were unpacked and we had changed into our beach clothes, we wasted no time and immediately headed to the beach. And the beach was oh so clean and lovely. The sand was soft, the weather was great and of course, it was Aiden's first trip to the beach!

Aiden, the next football MVP.

Walking to the beach with the SILs.

Beautiful isn't it?

Aiden's first step on the sand.

And he absolutely hated it! My poor poor baby...

He was crying so hard, and he tugged on my sleeve (and my heart strings) so I took off his slippers and carried him towards the sea.

He didn't wail so loudly on the wet sand.

Soon Aiden was preoccupied with his sand castle set, a present he received for his first birthday.

And the SILs buried Aiden's leg with sand.

Look at his toes peeking out!

Trying to coax Aiden to enjoy the water.

Check out his miserable face...

My miserable chubby cheeks.

Daddy trying to coax Aiden into touching the sand.

Aiden and Daddy.

Adorable train, and trees, and bucket castles.

Okayyyy... Mummy and Daddy yang lebih.

Our sand castle. And proud of it!

Tried to bury Hubby in the sand, but it didn't work!

While we were all having fun, Aiden was chilling with his Atok.

And refused to join in the fun.

My youngest SIL always ends up being the guinea pig!

Crazy SILs.

Daddy pooped out from all the beach bumming.

Aiden still stressed out.

End of Day 1 at Teluk Cempedak.

The next day Hubby woke up early to take pictures of the sunrise.

While Mummy and Aiden were cuddled together, fast asleep. We are both not morning people!

Started the day at the swimming pool. Hyatt has 3 huge swimming pools in total!

And this one Aiden definitely enjoys. He loves splashing in the water.

Model tak berbayar.

Then off we went to the beach again. This time we tried putting on socks to protect Aiden's feet from the sand. And this time around my son was smarter. Not only did he started wailing the moment we stepped onto the beach, he also raised his legs up high, refusing to let his feet touch the sand!

It took quite a lot of coaxing to get him to stand on the sand as he wanted to stand ON my feet!

Miserable baby looking at the ground, hoping to be rescued.

Aiden refused to let go.

Finally Daddy took Aiden in his arms and they went for a walk instead.

Okay Aiden, say goodbye. I bet you're happy we're leaving. But this is certainly not the last time that you'll meet with the beach!


  1. Hi Mommy Aiden..Aiden is so cute!
    I remember when my son went to beach for his very first time, he also scared to put his foot on the sand..Maybe dia rasa geli kot..But after seeing my husband lying on the beach sand, dia pon nak join..Anyways, nice blog!

  2. Thank you Mira. Aiden is not only scared of the sand, he's scared of grass as well. Ish ish ish. Takpe, I will try again. Tak macho la boys takut pasir kan? Haha


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