Monday, May 3, 2010

Renovation Progress: Week 8

The Dutch Oil Company is always very generous in giving in-lieu off days for holidays that fall on a weekend. So Friday was an off day in lieu of Labour Day. It was going to be a day around town without Hubby (so I thought!), just me and Aiden.

Little did I know that Hubby was planning a surprise. I had begged for him to take Friday off so that he could spend time with us, but he didn't think he was able to get the day off as he was scheduled for an important meeting on Friday morning. So on Thursday night, I left the office, stepped into my facial appointment and texted him to tell him that I would be unavailable on the phone for the next 2 hours. A bit more than two hours later, I left the spa and noticed multiple missed calls from his Singapore mobile. I tried returning his call but got through to his voice message instead. So I went home and cuddled up with Aiden in front of the TV. Just as Aiden and I were getting into the plot (of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse yet again!), Hubby called from his Malaysian mobile number. I immediately became suspicious, despite his claims that he was at the house balcony and was able to get a Maxis signal. However, his apartment is on the 48th floor therefore the loud vrooming cars and motorcycles immediately gave it away!

So with Hubby home, of course we started the day with HomeDec. No way were we going to miss our yearly ritual of visiting this event.

Also, with Daddy home, roti canai in the morning to start the day is a definite must-have!

Aiden: "Daddy, I am bored. Can we go now??"

Finally, we left for HomeDec. Didn't buy much nor spent a bomb, as we had purchased most of the house needs already. Yes, I said needs. Not wants. If we're talking about wants, I would have probably visited the HomeDec every single day just to satisfy my wants!

Next on the agenda, checking the renovation progress, of course! This is usually done on a Saturday, but we were at the beach for the weekend (which I still need to blogggg about).

Not much change, so bear with the repetitive pictures, yeah?

It was raining cats and dogs when we arrived. Look at the mud spatters on the wall *sigh*

They covered the new window to protect it from the rain.

My back door. Inspired by Hubby. He is extremely proud of the design and insists on rubbing it in everytime we talk about it!

Hacking and wiring for my built-in side table plug points.

The patio opening was also covered to keep the rain away.

Not much progress for the past two weeks already. When can we ever move in???!!!

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