Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Sneak Preview at Coach's Latest Collection

After the invitation for the F10 launch, I received yet another invitation from the BMW White Club in my mailbox! This time it was an invite to attend Coach's latest spring/summer collection preview. This is the second time that Coach and BMW have gotten together to organize a new collection launch. The first time was more than a year ago - I couldn't attend because I was still under confinement. This time around, it was just perfect - held in KLCC (just a stone's throw away for the office), event starts at 7pm (am extremely busy nowadays so I usually work until 630-ish anyway), Hubby away in Singapore (so I don't have to rush home to cook dinner), and of course - my Coach partner-in-crime is back in KL after a working trip to Germany. Aiden? Well Aiden stayed with Bibik at home. Mummy figured that she deserved a night out in town!

Boss (number 3 and counting) saw this flyer beside my laptop in the morning.

I deliberately left it there as hint that I wanted to leave early to attend this! No late meetings please!

Everybody was dressed in their finest! I felt so underdressed, with my work clothes and all. Worse still, I was carrying a Burberry handbag when everyone around me were showing off Coach.

Very cute pop-up store.

See the white handbag on the upper shelf, closest to the camera? I simply love that bag. In an earlier edition, it came in Yellow Mustard. And I simply love yellow. Unfortunately I took so long contemplating whether I should get it or not that when I finally decided to get it - it was already out of stock. Still terkilan till today, tau!

The beige and grey handbag at the lower shelf, closest to the camera, were nice as well. Perfect for travelling as it was very roomy.

I also met a long lost ex-colleague and friend of mine, Erna! Erna and I met when we were both in Gamuda. Both of us were Gamuda scholars, but I left after 6 months with them (paid back my scholarship bond, every single cent of it!) and joined the Dutch Oil Company. Good to know that she completed her bond with them. I was so surprised that she still recognised me. She even knows that I bought a house in Shah Alam - goes to show how informative Facebook and blogging can be! (Need to recheck security settings, pronto!)

My Coach partner-in-crime, thinking whether she should get yet another Coach handbag to add to her loot of designer handbags at home.

Even the men were shopping! Metro-sexual men!

Realistically, the only reason why we attend these things are just for the food, the mingling and networking, and last but not least, the goody bags. And this time, the food wasn't disappointing at all! Servers were coming up to you left right and center offering everything from drinks (your choice from alcohol till freshly squeezed orange juice - so of course I had orange juice!), to caviar (yes, caviar!!) to sushi to mini tarlets to mini beef strips to mini I-don't-know-what-it-was-but-it-was-mini-so-I-popped-it-into-my-mouth-cos-I-was-so-hungry, even mini spaghetti bolognese! The servers were constantly in your face offering you food until you literally had to shoo them away in order for you to have a decent conversation!

And, the best surprise of all. Roasted lamb and beef, courtesy of J.W Marriott.

I was so hungry (because I was fasting - puasa ganti!), and the chef was so sweet he gave me double helpings!

Top that with a mixture of barbeque and mint sauce - heaven!

And even more spaghetti bolognese!

Just as we were about to leave (with our tummies full!), they announced that there would be a fashion show! Of course we stayed. Surprisingly, all the models were mat salleh girls except for one - who looked like she was maybe Malay. Apparently these Caucasian models are mostly Russians, they study in Malaysia but work part time as models. And they sure were pretty! Long legs, tall, slim, blonde hair, no way would any of our Malaysian models meet all those criterias!

The only Malaysian model. Malaysia boleh!

Bad view, they were posing towards the other side!

How did she tie that scarf around her head like that? I wanna know!

Long legs that goes for miles and miles.

How to tie a scarf around your neck and look uber-chic. Must try this to the office once!

Somehow, when I tie a scarf around my pony tail hair - I look funny.

Out of the whole lot, I think she was the prettiest, even with the jet black hair.

Okay, need to hire a personal trainer to get legs like hers.

Love the pink bag! Okay, enough pictures of skinny models. Thank you.

View from the top looking down into the Coach pop up store.

I certainly had fun. Certainly made me feel a couple of years younger, hanging around with single childless ladies, enjoying great food and great company. Now, back to being a Mummy. Aiden calls!!


  1. waaah... what a priviledge!! I had never even come close to touching a coach before.. must be so nice... :) all look very gorgeous indeed..

  2. Hi Liz, I enjoy reading your blog especially about your prince:) Thanx.

  3. Farah - Coach is quite affordable, in the US especially. In Malaysia it is so overated. I would never get a Coach bag in Malaysia!

  4. BabyPose, thanks for visiting. Looking forward to reading your blog!


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