Saturday, May 22, 2010

Renovation Progress: Week 11

Remember the date with the matriculation mates which didn't materialise? Well, they were so sweet to organize another get together brunch, this time to fit my schedule! And since Hubby is a weekend husband and all, it is a bit hard to squeeze in any time apart from him, except during Gymboree! I figured, let Daddy sweat it out this week, flinging Aiden up in the air (one of the activities in Gymboree - good for toning flabby arms) while Mummy dress up and have brunch with the girls.

On the way to Gymboree. My hair is free and loose instead of the normal pony tail I usually adopt for a sweaty Gymboree class.

"No more sucking binky! Pose for a picture, baby!"

Aiden touching his lips only to find that his binky was gone.

And it was great fun hanging out with the girls again. Gossiping until I forgot to snap any pictures at all. Swapping shocking stories about one another (and also others). It was also their first time meeting Aiden (who eventually arrived after Gymboree and was all sweaty, sleep deprived and cranky, as usual). They even commented that Aiden is much much more active that a fellow friend's son. And they even had an answer for that comment: "Tengok la mak dia siapa, patutlah anak dia active and banyak cakap!"

You know that you are good friends with someone when he/she can make blunt comments like that!

But it was all good. I am happy that Aiden is active. Yes, he climbs chairs, screams for attention, baby talks with just about anyone, demands to hold bowls , hands stuff to random people and bangs on the table with spoons. But I rather have an active extrovert than a docile child.

Then off to Shah Alam. On our way we stopped at a petrol station for some bottled water. It is usually very hot in the new house so we would always stock up on cold drinks to keep us hyrdated. And look at what I bought!

Mini Milo for Aiden. I never knew they packaged it in this size!

Size comparison between Aiden's Milo and Mummy's strawberry milk.

We have never been successful in teaching Aiden how to drink with a straw. Even my friend's daughter who was around 5 months old when we met them in Singapore knows how to drink with a straw. Whenever we give him a drink with a straw, he would just bite on it. No matter how many times you show him how to slurp through the straw, or how tiny and short the straw is, he would simply not geddit! And I honestly thought I was going to fail again with this mini Milo. Until I got this idea letting him put the straw in his mouth and then squeeze the pack so that Milo flows into his mouth through the straw. And bloody hell, it actually worked! He started sipping through the straw! Another milestone for Aiden *yeay*!!

Half a mini Milo later, we arrived in Cahaya SPK.

They were cleaning the front porch when we arrived. The house is officially 75% renovation complete.

Remember my pedestrian gate? Well, I know I said it was cute and everything, but really - it is actually too small!

Hubby illustrating my point. We're going to tell the contractor to remove that grey cement strip at the sides and just make it flushed with the pillars. Hopefully that would make it bigger!

Working on the stairway/patio plaster ceiling.

Kitchen windows installed.

Dining hall plaster ceiling. Too small for my liking though!

The drying area outside the maid's room fitted with tiles.

Existing window frames to be discarded. Anyone wants besi buruk?

The wrongly laid tiles have now been removed.

Just as we were leaving, we noticed that the plaster ceiling was done!

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