Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to Myself!

Happy Mother's Day to myself!

This is actually my second Mother's Day, but since I was still in confinement during the first one, there wasn't any effort at all back then to celebrate the ocassion. And since Hubby not only hates buying flowers, he hates writing greeting cards as well (he prefers to show his love in many other ways), let's just say that my first Mother's Day passed by without us even noticing it!

What about this year? Well this year's Mother's Day was still a card-less one. Should I say more?

We celebrated Mother's Day by visiting the IBU Family Bazaar in Bangsar Village. I had been looking forward to the event since I heard stories from Iza about how she bought a whole lot of second hand and uniquely crafted items from the previous bazaar. According to her, most of the items on sale were from expats who were going to leave the country and therefore the goods have only been used for a short while in Malaysia and generally are still in good condition. Also on sale were items which are unique and not available within the country.

Aiden could fit into a size 2-year-old Burberry top. Wow. Are toddlers nowadays required to be lean and trim to fit into all these tiny clothes?

Cheeky boy handing me the flyer, as if urging Daddy to drive faster!

Unfortunately, the bazaar this time around wasn't as interesting as the previous ones. Most of the participants of the bazaar were vendors looking to selling their products. They had pedal-less bicycles, baby wearing gears, even hand knitted baby garments. One of the products that caught my eye was the Baby Ambrosia baby and toddler meals.

Picture credit from Baby Ambrosia

Baby Ambrosia provides 100% home cooked, natural, nutritious and delicious baby and toddler meals. There are 4 different levels in their menu, starting from Simply - First Weaning, till Chunks - Toddler Meals. I started giving Aiden a combination of Chunks and Lumps about 2 months ago. And since Aiden is such a fussy eater, I was deliriously happy when he showed interest and appetite for the Fruity Oats and the Fish Rissoto. It is ridiculously easy, just heat it up and Aiden gets a nyummy home cooked meal. It is definitely better than the bubur ayam McD that Aiden loves so much! So I would usually drive by Great Eastern Mall and buy a week's worth of meals to be frozen at home.

Unfortunately, one of the Fruity Oats in the batch I purchased last week had turned bad when my maid thawed and heated it. So when I saw one of the owners of Baby Ambrosia at the IBU Bazaar, I decided to give her some constructive feedback. And she was so nice about it - even though she explained that maybe my maid heated the meal a tad too long (bananas turn soft and black if heated for long) she still offered to replace it with a new one (which I declined, of course). I also advised her to get the Halal certification pronto, as I (and possibly many other Muslims) have refrained from purchasing any meat based meals from her brand until she gets it. And I was so happy to hear that the company is currently working on getting the certification. Good work, Baby Ambrosia!

Besides that, Pantai Hospital also had a booth. A crash course plus free massage for babies in exchange for any sum of money you would want to donate to charity. So while Mummy was busy trying out baby wearing gear (which Daddy claims as such a waste of money since Bibik can do the same by just using kain batik lepas), Daddy tried giving Aiden a massage with the help of the nurses of Pantai Hospital.

It wasn't easy getting Aiden to sit still while Daddy massaged Aiden's tired legs.

We had to give him a pen just to keep him occupied.

Look at his teeth! Tak tersusun!

Afterwards, myself, Hubby, Iza, Syahril and the toddlers headed to Delicious for some (late) lunch. And we texted Dayang and Zul plus Danya to meet up with us at the restaurant.

Happy Mother's Day centerpieces by Delicious.

Nyummy chocolate based drink which I tak-ingat-nama

My pan seared salmon with nyummy asparagus and mashed potatoes. And I thought I would never touch another salmon again after Sakhalin. Thankfully, the taste for salmon is slowly but definitely returning!

Ayesha had the pasta kid's meal.

And what meal would be complete without dessert, namely the chocolate cake ala mode?

And free scones, thanks to the voucher we received in the IBU Bazaar goody bag.

Ayesha is a smart girl. She can eat all by herself now, even insisting that she does everything herself!

And finally, the family famous for making grand entrances, finally arrives.

Danya, currently the youngest of the BBGS gang brood, being passed around.

Ayesha trying her luck to play with Danya.

And Delicious was oh-so-kind to snap a picture of us being part of their Mother's Day event, to be published in their newsletter. We're famous! Unfortunately, Aiden wasn't around so I was acting the "single and available" part in this photo.

Where was Aiden? Fast asleep of course.

Finally, a picture of the (incomplete) BBGS gang! But Aiden isn't looking at the camera.

Aiden looks at the camera while the others look down.

The Daddies and the Babies/Toddlers. Control macho!

Candid picture of the Daddies struggling with their kids.

After the scrumptious lunch, we left for Puchong to get downlights for the new house. Not all the downlights just yet, but just one of each for our ID Contractor to have a feel on how high/low the wiring needs to go. And because we had to drop off the downlights at the house, and also because Dayang was telling me on the number of show units she had visited in her quest of hunting for a house, I invited her over to Cahaya SPK to check out the new semi-d and bungalow show units.

To cut a long story short, she agreed that I should have purchased the new semi-d. *aarrgghh*

I snapped lots of pictures during the visit. But I don't want to upload it all. You should really drop by Cahaya SPK and see it for yourself. Pictures below are just our antics around the show units.

Aiden excited with his walking abilities.

Zul plonked Aiden into the dry kitchen sink.

Hoping that he would cry. Instead he enjoyed it, and didn't want to get out!

Darn, the semi-ds have a beautiful view of the lake and the clubhouse!

Daddy saying "Honey, forget about this house, it is a lost cause!"

Aiden enjoying himself stepping on Uncle Zul's head.

Note: Swimming pool not available at actual units.

Aiden playing peek-a-boo at the dry kitchen.

Dayang posing in front of the Burberry inspired wallpapers.

Aiden wanted to play hide-and-seek in the walk-in-closet.

Zul posing in the master bedroom.

Dayang admiring the space they allocated for the walk-in-closet.

Huge corner jacuzzi, only for the bungalow though. The semi-ds get normal sized jacuzzis.

Interesting book case.

Beautiful glass staircases.

Aiden playing Superman!

The world turned over for Aiden.

Aiden counting how much money he would need to buy the house for his beloved Mummy.

Sorry Mummy, no money!

Our buggy ride.

Danya loves wet tissues.

Last but not least, Mummy is going to complain to Burberry. There were blue flakes on my son's skin, detached from the fabric when Aiden skin came into contact with the shirt. Quality macam beli at Petaling Street. Iskh!

P.S: I received a CD for Mother's Day (albeit one week late). Hubby made a short movie using my pictures and included Hubby's plus Aiden's wishes, with the song Everything, by Michael Buble playing in the background. I love that song! And it was so sweet and so so so much better than a simple card. Thank you Sayang!


  1. Huwaarrgghhhh....semi-d baru ni lagi cun!! Nak pi tengok la :-D

  2. Pi tengok Eynda, serious tak rugi. Tapi eynda memang tak rugi sebenarnya, sebab beli rumah P3 tuh awal kan. Tapi masa Liz beli harga dah naik. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh........... menyesal???!!!

  3. What a great and sleek house. Berapa ya harga pasaran sekarang sis? Yang k.liz beli berapa. What a house:)

  4. Thank you thank you. That's not my house ;) That's a show house for Precinct 5 and 6. If that was my house I would be jumping for joy! I think the price is about 1.2M sekarang. Yang Liz beli is clustered semid and bukan modern design. So memang lah bukan digit million million ;)


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