Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aiden Cleans (or Messes) The New House...

It was the first Saturday since Ramadhan kicked off, and I made a pact with dear Hubby. We were going to split Gymboree duties between the both of us! No way would I be able to last running after Aiden, grooving to the music and flinging Aiden in the air all alone while fasting. So the split became official - I was going to take the "singing" part while Hubby took the running around the obstacle course. (He said it wasn't macho for him to sing and sway!)

And did I mention that Aiden has graduated to Level 4? I discovered that he was getting really bored in Level 3 - mixing around with kids who were just about to discover walking, when he was already running all over. And I noticed that he prefers to play with older kids, taking the pain to copy their every move.

So today was his official move into Level 4. Level 4 is not only more challenging to Aiden, but more challenging to the parents as well! Not only were the toddlers in the class more active, but the activities were of faster pace and energy. Also, Level 4 is conducted by a male teacher. Aiden had never had a male teacher in Level 3, and so he was, to be honest, scared shitless of the male teacher during the class.....

In Level 3, toddlers were encouraged to walk by pushing and rolling the Aelop to the wall. At Level 4, toddlers are asked to bang on the Aelop according to the music. And check out Aiden's astounded mulut ternganga face...

Told you he was scared... he couldn't even stop staring at the teacher! And notice how many Daddies participate in the class versus Mummies? Macho kan sayang?? *grin*

At this point, Hubby had to walk out to answer a call and therefore left Aiden all alone. He looked so lost and scared that I abandoned my phone and went to accompany him. My poor poor baby...

And as usual, right after Gymboree we headed to the new house. Not much change as they were busy with the wiring, plaster ceiling, lights and switches installation. Can't wait to see the house diterangi lampu at night!!!

Aiden, on the other hand, was happy to be at the new house because of the space. Our current house is a split level so we would only let him roam around the living hall, blocking all access out of the living hall with sofas, coffee tables, even a treadmill. So whenever we're at the new house I would let him loose and he would run around excitedly the extended living hall and the garden.

He has also picked up a new obsession.

An obsession with mops, brooms and anything else yang sewaktu dengannya.

Even the length of the broom didn't deter him from trying to sweep the patio.

Not to forget the dining hall.

Macam pose taichi jer Mummy tengok, Aiden??

After the cleaning was all done, he moved on to his second obsession. Picking up pebble stones in the garden.

My ID Contractor is willing to put up a bet that Aiden would break a window pane with one of these wretched pebble stones. Aaarrrggghhh...

Just when I thought that the broom and the pebble stone were the only things he could play with using his creative mind, he surprised me by making a downlight into a trombone.

Muka guilty kena marah dengan Mummy...

And last but not least, cleaning the master bedroom too!

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