Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beading As A Side Income???

When my friend, Noris, talked me into trying out beading, I was convinced that I would be a total failure at it. Hello, this is me you're talking about. I am a failure at anything that requires a needle and thread. I also take this opportunity to hereby confess, that I sent my Kemahiran Hidup sewing project to a tailor (thus scoring an A for that subject, one of my straight 8As for PMR). However, being a queen hoarder, I still have the musical tissue box and tailored cover somewhere in my store. Hubby has repeatedly asked me to throw it away, even threatening to display it in our living hall if I don't do so.

Anyway, back to beading. The main reason why I finally tried it anyway, was because no one, I repeat NO ONE, wanted to accept tempahan beading for Eid anymore, despite enquiring about it early last month. I had no other choice but to try it out, or go for Hari Raya beadless. So I decided to try it out on an old baju kurung.

And lo and behold, I was bloody good at it! (Angkat bakul, naik lift...)

I started beading on the first day of puasa. This picture was taken a week after - I was already halfway through.

A close up. Beads are big enough to eat!

And two weeks since the date I started, I was finally done!

Whadya think? You reckon I could make a living out of this should anything happen to the Dutch Oil Company (touch wood!!!)....???


  1. Hi Liz, nicely done i must impressed that you got the time to start and finish it. i've been thinking to put some on my baju kurung or tudung but too lazy considering it will take so much time. Tried to sew some last 2 years on my baju kurung for Sara my SIL wedding...yang sikit tu pon takes so much time. Btw, good job!

  2. i wish boleh buat mcm nie jugak. br start buat n still xkemas...

  3. Alyaa, nie seriously memang takde seni punya kerja. Memang tahap taram jer. Alhamdulillah, jadi ;)

  4. Zurin, I think the motivation was Hari Raya. If not for the open house motivation, I don't think i'll do it religiously. And everytime I want to start a new beading project, i'll get the jitters because takut tak tersempat nak habiskan! Haha


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