Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Of A Two Year Old Interview

It was a Monday morning and I was wearily going through my hundreds of unanswered emails, and got a pleasant surprise when I read an email from a Communications Advisor from the Dutch Oil Company office in Netherlands. She emailed me to request for permission to use an existing quote I gave during an interview I did for the Project Academy webpage, in another Mentoring webpage.

I was shocked! Two years ago, when I attended a week long Project Engineering course in Rijswijk, I was nominated by the course organizer to do an interview on my experiences as a project engineer in the Dutch Oil Company. I was 4 months pregnant back then, and I remember grumbling to myself early that morning, about not being able to fit in anything 'formal' enough for a work interview. My blouse was practically bursting at its seams!

It was quite a big hoo-hah... there were at least two videographers, they had everything you could imagine for a 'lights, camera, action' scene - bright lights were shining into my eyes, I had at least two long microphones shoved into my face, wires were running all around the floor (talk about tripping hazards!)... you get the drift. A few minutes before the interview, the lady who was in charge of interviewing me gave me a piece of paper with about a dozen questions that they may ask and asked me which questions I was most comfortable with. Talk about pressure!

But after the interview I never heard from her again, so I never bothered asking or checking whether I made the cut. So it was definitely a pleasant surprise when she emailed me to inquire (amongst others) whether I have had the chance to view myself online!

So guess what I managed to dig out of the Project Academy webpage?

I wasn't even with Sarawak when I gave this quote. They must have taken my job indicator after I transfered from Sakhalin to Malaysia.

I had curly hair back then! Curly wurly unmanageable curls!

It was definitely weird watching a two year younger me in a video.

So now, i'm gleefully anticipating another quote of mine to be plastered in yet another Dutch Oil Company webpage. I will keep you posted!


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