Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Jumperoo for Iman!

Ever since I splurged on a Jumperoo back in October last year, plenty of my friends expressed their interest in taking it off my hands when Aiden grows out of it. This thing, they say, has a very high resale value. Like Hubby's Satria GTI.

And Aiden loved every single piece of the Jumperoo. To me, it was definitely a worthwhile purchase. Eventually, when he got bored of jumping, I dragged it to the side of the living area, and there it stayed, collecting dust. Hubby was constanly nagging about how much space it occupied and how cluttered it made our house look. I was just about ready to throw it out of the house in frustration. Then a close friend of mine decided to "borrow" it. So Hubby excitedly dismantled it and shipped it off to Bukit Jelutong where it stayed for a few months. And then another friend wanted to "borrow" it as well. So I picked it up in Bukit Jelutong and left it in my car, just in case we were to pass by this other friend's house so we could drop it off.

Finally, we found a suitable time and off we went to Iman's house!

Shema (Iman's Mummy) had just renovated her house. And it was drop-dead-nak-guling-guling-on-her-new-laminated-flooring gorgeous! I love her huge door and the simplicity of it all. Very modern!

And that's Iman's older sister, Didie. Did I tell you that Aiden is now fascinated by older kids?

Iman greeted us with such a sweet smile!

Aiden touching Iman's hand. And that was the most attention he gave to Iman. The rest of the time, it was all about him - the attention seeker. And a bit of attention to Didie, the big sister, of course. Such a casanova!

Shema, such the perfect housewife - served us meehoon for tea. Aiden got his own seat and cutlery set. Albeit pink. Oh well, only real men can carry off the colour pink.

Fork and spoon suction glued to the tray. Solves the issue of cutlery throwing competitions!

"Cepatla, Aunty Shema, what's cooking for me?"

Yum yum, Aunty Shema served Raya cookies for Aiden!

Even Mummy had a handful of those cookies. Yummy!

And then Aunty Shema pushed her luck by insisting that Aiden don a pink polka dotted bib. And look at that adorable pout!

After the lovely tea, we made small talk (while of course, admiring the renovated house), gossiped, compared renovations costs and eventually prepared to announce our departure. When suddenly, Aunty Shema whipped out another surprise for Aiden!

A kiddy pool to cool off the afternoon heat! (Even a punctured pool didn't deter the clan from inflating the kiddy pool!)

Aiden, of course, wanted to be part of the action.

Daddy: "Mummy, please take Aiden and try to control his excitement, please!!!!"

Aiden, enthralled by the water pouring into the pool.

Okay, looks like Mummy needs to get a pool too!

Last minute instructions from Aunty Shema to both Aiden and Didie.

Aiden: "I hereby promise, that I shall play nicely with Kakak Didie..."

The water hose was too slow, so manual help was enlisted to accelerate the process of filling up the pool.

Look at his captivated face. Priceless!!!

Aiden learning the moves from Didie.

He wanted to copy Didie's every move! Kesian, every corner of the pool Didie went, Aiden wanted to follow as well! In the end, he also wanted to lie flat in the pool, so he did a kamikaze and flung his back to the floor. Thank god I was guarding his every move and managed to catch his fragile head before it hit the floor!

Needless to say, he had so much fun that he cried his lungs out when I took him out of the pool!!!

All dried up and clean, Aiden then accompanied Iman who was on a test drive with the Jumperoo.

Hope you enjoy the ride, Iman!

Hubby menyibuk.

And if you thought that that was the end of the day with Shema and family, it obviously wasn't! We continued by having dinner at Fatty Crab in Seri Kembangan and wrestled over the last ketam on the plate. (I won hands down!)

I wonder... who is going to "borrow" the Jumperoo next? Hmmm....


  1. me in (fill in the blank) years? :P

  2. haha just to set this clear
    i wanted to buy it frm you but payment kept being delayed because "someone" didnt know how much to sell it for so at the end jadi "borrow" haha
    thanx babe. PP enjoyed it while it lasted.

    now you keeping it for the second issittt??

  3. How many years dear? I'll wait!

  4. Hahahaha yes keeping it for the second one la nampaknyer, whenever that is! Maybe I should start a business of renting out Jumperoos.. :P


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