Friday, August 13, 2010

First Berbuka Weekend

It was the first Friday since Ramadhan started, and as everyone started leaving Kuala Lumpur to berbuka with their loved ones at their kampung, I drove to berbuka with the closest thing I had to family - my aunt's house!

Yes, I have no kampung. I was born and bred in KL. A true KL girl. Not only was I born in University Hospital, I even returned to study in the same university. And since my Mum migrated from Kelantan to KL (this happened even before I was even born), all her siblings followed suit. Which makes my kampung to be sunny ol' Kuala Lumpur!

I had anticipated a massive traffic jam on that Friday afternoon, therefore I made use of the extended lunch hour (eh, during Ramadhan ada lunch hour ke??) to pick up Bibik & Aiden and sent them to my aunt's house so that I would be able to just battle the traffic straight to my aunt's right after work.

And guess what scene greeted me at the door? Two toddlers scrambling and struggling to play with each other! Airyl is a year older than Aiden and is already able to talk and understand the meaning of "No". On the contrary, Aiden is simply obsessed with having an older friend to play with, that he is contented with just imitating everything that Airyl does. Everywhere Airyl goes, he goes too. Everything Airyl touches, he wanted to touch as well.

Airyl started playing with the exercise machine, and of course Aiden wanted to sit together with him in the cramped space...

And when Airyl wanted out, Aiden wanted out as well. So they tumbled on top of each other, neither wanting to give in!

In the end Aiden lost (due to lack of strength and size) and was left playing on his own.

My aunt had to lock the kitchen door to stop the two rascals from ransacking the kitchen. Aiden played with shoes on the shoe rack while Airyl looked on. Airyl watched cartoon clips on YouTube while Aiden cried in fear. Amazingly, Aiden ate with much gusto when Airyl's mum suap makan nasi lauk sup ayam (must be the company...) and they also shared an intimate bath time!

The two toddlers berendam in the bath tub. While everyone else broke fast (Mummy and Airyl's mum both couldn't puasa so we supervised them).

Even though their backs were towards me, I could just tell that they had cheeky smiles plastered on their faces!

Aiden, always obsessed with the gayung.

Look at that gleeful look on Aiden's face.

Quoting my aunt: "Ada 2 cucu pun dah tak sempat nak pakai kain, kalau ade 3 cucu tak tau la pakai baju ke tak!" Hahahahahahahaha......

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