Saturday, August 28, 2010

Poor Baby Beemer...

Poor Baby Beemer is imperfect... and it was all Hubby's fault.

We were having a late night dinner at the Kopitiam depan rumah and Hubby decided to park illegally by the road side. And while we were having dinner, I noticed a car trying really hard to reverse out of his parking spot, backing into our car. And I actually exclaimed, "Kereta tuh boleh keluar ke?", but Hubby simply shrugged and continued wolfing down his nasi goreng.

The next morning, we noticed the damage. Poor Baby Beemer had a dented side. Horrible timing as well, as it is so close to Eid! Sending the car to the workshop for fixing wasn't as simple as it seems, as it will take more than a weekend to fix, therefore I would have forcing me to drive Hubby's manual car to work and also figure out a way to pick up the car during a workday.

Finally, after procrastinating on it for over three weeks, we finally made the time to get it fixed. No way were we going to drive a dented car balik kampung!

The morning before sending the car to the workshop. Aiden has officially lost his Michelin arms. *sob*sob*

Aiden peering down the steering wheel, as if hoping he could make Baby Beemer all better.

Unfortunately, the damage is exterior, not interior lah Aiden!

Aarrgghhh... look at that. Poor Baby Beemer!!!

Hubby also took the opportunity to makeup the car with... something... (why do men enjoy splurging cash on cars rather than more meaningful and worthy commodities like handbags???!!!)

After dropping the car off at Sunway, we proceeded to PKNS to purchase baju raya for Aiden and Hubby and then break fast in Subang Empire. It was actually our first time in Empire (jakun kah??)...

Thankfully, dear SIL arrived earlier and managed to book a seat for all of us.

Surprisingly, Tarbush was fully reserved! Malas betul orang Subang masak kan?

Aiden woke up and had his favourite - papadom.

Muka stoned.

We had Chicken and Lamb Briyani. Also my favourite above - hummus!

In the end, all that was left was this.

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