Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Night at the New House...

The lighting installations are now 80% complete. And the sentiments I felt when the house was finally lighted up with lights and chandeliers that both Hubby and I painstakingly chose (along the course of nearly 2 years), were simply indescribable.

The first few chandeliers we booked were during a HomeDec exhibition in 2008. We made bookings for a total of 3 chandeliers!!! We visited the shop a couple of times in 2009 to reevaluate our choices and then late 2009 we went back to the shop and decided to only purchase one of them. At the shop, while waiting for them to pack it, my eyes landed on a beautiful jet black chandelier and immediately changed my mind (after consultation with Hubby, of course)!

The second and third chandeliers were eventually purchased this year, together with the remaining downlights, external lights and other lighting features, but sorry - no specific pictures just yet. You'll just have to wait for the house warming!

Aiden running amok after being let loose in the living hall. (Excuse the paint can on the floor - we use that as a penyendal pintu!)

We call this the lampu atas bawah.

All the rooms now have downlights and fans installed.

I love this picture!

That's about the most you would be able to see of my chandelier *cheeky grin*

Aiden, still obsessed over cleaning the house and the lawn.

OMG, Aiden is now starting to climb! Aaaccckkk...

So how is that for a sneak peek? Stay tuned for more pictures!


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