Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Charity Iftar Event at Royale Chulan...

Recently, the Dutch Oil Company organized a charity iftar event at the Royale Chulan Hotel. After the fiasco of underestimating the number of attendees during last year's event, they finally learnt their lesson and booked the whole ballroom!

This time around, a 6 Star Hotel!

But probably because of last year's fiasco, more than half of the ballroom was empty. Most didn't even bother to turn up!

This was only the front portion of the ballroom. The rest was completely empty. Such a waste!

Besides extending the invite to all staff and their family members, they also nominated a charity home for the event in which the residents of the home were also invited for iftar. The nominated charity home was Rumah Kasih Sayang Orphanage in Rawang. The orphanage mainly houses children below the age of 12, and to see the kids all dressed up in their best at the iftar event, stirred something deep within me. To think that I go shopping for Aiden nearly once every week, and these kids are wearing the same hand-down raya clothes for the past few years...

It was especially humbling when someone told me that one of the children told one of our staff, "Sedapnya makanan nie, saya tak pernah jumpa makanan sedap macam ni. Boleh saya tambah lagi?"... (This food tastes really good, I have never tasted anything as tasty as this. Can I please have some more?)

Aiden... you are so blessed to have loving parents and a happy home...

Cheeky boy wouldn't keep quiet throughout the event.

Handsome boy, complete with baju melayu, songkok (a hand-down from Airyl), even a sampin! Although the baju melayu was his baju raya from last year...

So check out the seluar senteng!

He walked all around the ballroom confidently, just like a politician (macam Tok!)...

Forever with a spoon in his mouth...

Since the ballroom was so huge and the expected turn-out was low, I not only brought Bibik, I also brought another highly paid nanny - my sister.

Gigantic beautiful chandeliers...

The girls camwhoring while the boring speeches were taking place. And yes, I am wearing my baju raya... (I figured that this was the only event that the office was going to organize for Eid, so why not flaunt it here, right?)

Okay... now for pictures of food... glorious food! Royale Chulan not only prepared a separate buffet for us in the ballroom, they even extended their whole buffet line up for us too! So be prepared to drool.......

They made out their buffet area to resemble a food spread in the middle of a jungle. This is the goreng-goreng counter. The cempedak goreng was taking too long (long queue) so I settled for cekodok pisang. And nyummy kuey teow and mee goreng.

There was even a small stream running all around the buffet spread.

Here, you can find every single kind of laksa possible. You name it, they have it. Laksa Kelantan, Penang, Johor, to name a few. I went for Laksam (Kelantan)... and it was heavenly!!

Kambing golek... Waaarrgghhh I want!!!! (The cooks were excited when I told them that they would be featured in this blog...)

Any type of seafood you want.

Cooked to perfection.

And of course, what buffet would be complete without the lauk pauk Melayu. On the far right of the picture is the drinks counter (sirap bandung, anyone?) and on the far left (too far to be seen in this picture) is a counter for popiah basah *drool*...

And surprise, surprise! Fresh sushi!!

There was even a celebrity nasyid group entertaining the guests.

After the event, Aiden decided to check the thread count of the ballroom carpet.

Mind you, he wasn't throwing a tantrum. It was mostly from excitement that he decided to roll around on the ballroom floor. Excitement because he had Naufal and Zara to play with throughout the event. He even hugged Zara (from the back) and pinched her cheek! Poor Zara!

Okay, time to go home, Baby!

Cheeky boy dengan sampin tersingkap and seluar senteng.

The girls after the event. So what do you think of my baju raya? So drama queen right? Sooooo me!!!

Despite two of the girls closing their eyes in this picture, I think I look good in this one so I am using my veto power as the owner of this blog to put this in.

Waiting for the parking lift.

Back home, Aiden was completely flat out tired! He certainly had a good time!

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