Saturday, August 21, 2010

The First (and ONLY!) Splurge for Ramadhan: Berbuka at Impiana!

Between my sister and I, we made a pact. No Ramadhan buffets this year. Primarily because we didn't want to stuff ourselves silly - a moment on your lips, forever on your hips! Secondly, I wasn't ready to splurge on a buffet for berbuka when I could have the same satisfaction with a fraction of the price by shopping at the Pasar Ramadhan...

But I was hearing a lot of good reviews about the Impiana Hotel buffet. Furthermore, I had just received my paycheque and wanted to eat out at least once this month. And the thing that clinched the deal over the whole thing was the fact that they serve cempedak goreng in their buffet line up!!!

When I was pregnant with Aiden, not only was I fortunate enough to be spared from the gory morning sickness, but I also wasn't a picky eater. I could eat just about anything and everything. I didn't believe in mengidam - I thought it was just an old wives tale, made up so that the wife would be able to demand for certain things from the husband during the pregnancy. Up until I met with the cempedak goreng. I had it once for tea time and then was hit with the most extreme mengidam for the fried delicacy! I remember, back then, it wasn't the musim for cempedak so Hubby and I actually drove up to Kuantan just to buy some!

Post pregnancy, I still go gaga over cempedak goreng (I wasn't able to fully satiate my craving for it back then) thus I was definitely looking forward to munching on some during the buffet!

Thank god I made my booking 3 days in advance as it was a full house!

Tonka Cafe and Deli. If you're going, please note that Impiana has no parking space at the hotel. We parked at my office and simply walked to the hotel. (Free parking!!)

We were given one of the best seats in the house. Right beside the accompaniment music.

This boy was kept occupied with a couple of spoons and napkins.

This was just one of the main buffet table. They had another buffet table and also an alfresco dining area outside the cafe. Notice that on top of the row of the plates and platters, there is a pile of fresh young coconut? Yup - unlimited coconuts for the patrons... simply heaven!!!

Not to forget, the must-have in any berbuka event - dates!

This boy was further kept occupied with feeding himself with white rice and briyani rice.

This boy must have dropped at least 3 spoons on the floor while waiting for berbuka and another 5 until the end of the dinner!

Sadly, no pictures were taken during dinner as my hands were full stuffing myself non-stop and also taking care of the above mentioned boy. But that's a picture of the cempedak goreng!

Quenched my thirst with the unlimited chilled young coconuts...

The mess the boy made.

The alfresco area, where they had roasted lamb, grilled fish and all the fried stuff - murtabak, roti canai, roti bom, cempedak, cekodok, goreng pisang... and yes, your eyes are not fooling you. They even served durians!!! Double yeay!!!!

It wasn't easy trying to navigate durians into my mouth with one hand while the other hand dukung Aiden. In the end I just gave him some, to which a fellow patron exclaimed: "Waahhh, kecik kecik dah makan durian??" Not to forget, Aiden got his hand dirty with durian and decided to smear it all over my top. Thank you, Aiden!

Chocolate fountain. This was placed at the end of a longgggg line up of delicious Malay food.

Malay kuih and marshmallows...

This is the second buffet table. This is where they serve chicken rice, mee goreng Mamak (really good!), assorted noodles and an ice-cream corner.

Yup, unlimited supply of Baskin Robins ice-cream! Triple yeay!!!

So if you're hunting for a nice place to berbuka, I give this a double thumbs up. Go try it, you will not be disappointed.

Oh btw, adults are charged RM85++ each (~RM100).... Have fun!


  1. Hye Liz,

    I just discovered your blog, and love reading everything that you blogged about! Plus, since I'm learning English just to improve myself, I feel like I found a gem!:)

    Your English simply awesome, your superb verb and ah, I loving it!

    1. Hi Haiqal! Oh my, thank you so much for the compliments. Keep reading my blog and do leave comments, as comments like these are the ones that spur me to keep writing ;)


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