Monday, March 1, 2010

Aiden's First Gymboree Class

I had been meaning to take Aiden to a structured class for the longest time. But it never materialised because I wasn't convinced that Aiden could keep focus, comprehend nor have fun! However, now that I've observed how Aiden is able to keep staring at a moving object (or cat!), understand the concept of hiding things (and demand for the hidden remote to be handed back to him), loves looking (and tegur-ing) a fellow baby his age, I became very sure that he was ready for some peer socialising!

So yesterday we brought him for a trial Gymboree class. Mummy was so excited and Daddy was armed with his super duper canggih camera. It was our boy's very first play date! On the way to class, Aiden slept in my arms. Even when I carried him into class, he didn't even move an inch. I was getting pretty worried that he would miss the class, but the teacher told me to just bring him in and that the sound and activities would wake him up.

Aiden all bleary eyed. Look at his adorable fingers clasping mine. He was feeling a teeny weeny bit blur and terkejut - which didn't last very long!

The baby girl beside Aiden wanted to know his name. Little did she know that halfway during the class, Aiden would smack her in the head! (Sorry darling!)

Mummy over excited, Aiden blur and Daddy muddled with the camera and chopped half of Mummy's face off the photo.

Aiden couldn't stop looking at Daddy. Maybe for reassurance. Because Mummy is very notorious and pushy at making Aiden do things he does not want to do!

Look at all Aiden's new friends! At this point, Aiden started laughing and enjoying himself.

Aiden hates clapping his hands. He would usually clench his fist, making it hard to clap both hands together. But I am proud to say, that he cooperated very well and started clapping palm to palm, the correct way!

And.... he remembers how to clap till now! To date i've caught him clapping his hands on his own twice already!

Then activities on the set-up. That's Aiden climbing the steps to the slide. Yeah right, actually Mummy helped him "walk" up the steps.

Then Mummy panicked because she didn't know how to get Aiden down the slide since that wooden thingy was really high, making it hard to keep holding on to him and Aiden was already at the tip of the steep slide!

Excited Aiden couldn't keep still!

Check out his over-excited legs...

Aiden: "Look, Daddy! I'm having fun!"

Then off to the less challenging slide. That's Hayden infront of Aiden. Aiden smacked him as well.

Aiden had a taste of the slide - literally.

Mummy coaxed Aiden to climb up the slide by offering him a ball.

Then Mummy moved the ball further up the ramp.

Aiden still full of energy. Mummy? Pooped!

Yeay! Aiden concquered the obstacle course!!!!

It was such a good idea to get Aiden enrolled in a class where he could learn how to interact with babies his age. I knew that Aiden isn't afraid of people. But now I know that Aiden isn't afraid of people crowding around him as well. I know that Aiden loves to smack babies near him (he still doesn't know how to play nicely), and tugs on girls tops to get their attention. Aiden also observes before making an action, which was why when the teacher dumped a whole box of toys in the middle of the floor mat, he wasn't one of the few rushing to the center. Aiden can now focus on small moving objects, because he could tilt up his head and look at the bubbles the teacher was blowing into the air. He also isn't afraid of touching foreign objects, because he popped the huge bubble the teacher blew in front of his face!

Next stop, Delicious! Mummy was famished, and Aiden was tired.

A tell tale sign that indicates that Aiden is really sleepy!

His name tag was still intact.

Aiden had some pasta.

After lunch, we drove home and Aiden immediately went to sleep in my arms. All the crawling and the singing had drained every bit of energy in him. He slept for a good 3 hours before waking up fresh but hungry.

We'll do this again, eh Aiden?

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