Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hello, Housewarming!

Earlier this week, our ID contractor gave us the good news - renovation had officially kicked off! So of course we were looking forward to the weekend to see the latest progress. I mean, i've had enough of looking at the same boring look every single week. I constantly dream about our new house post renovation, and it isn't really the same as actually being able to see it in reality.

So today, like clockwork - right after Aiden's Gymboree class we rushed to Shah Alam. The minute I stepped foot into the house, I was at loss for words. A rush of excitement flowed through my veins, and all the complaints of it being too far, inconvenient for travel to work etc etc etc vanished and I immediately wanted to turn the house into a home.

And even though the house was far from complete, I was already imagining how the rooms were going to look like and the housewarming I was going to host very very very soon!

They taped the door to protect its surface.

Scaffold pipes all strewn over the lawn. It was a very hot day and Aiden was getting really cranky.

There you have it, the first new structure for the house. This is the extension for the maid's room.

After that, we rushed to Bukit Jalil. Aiden was going to watch his first Disney on Ice show! Well, Mummy was the one who was overly excited about it. I simply love anything Disney. There is only one more Disneyland which I have not been to - Tokyo Disneyland. In turn, Daddy is the exact opposite. He simply cannot be bothered but decided to just tag along for the show.

We made a pit stop at Bukit Jelutong for some fuel and snacks. That's Aiden excited at being able to control the wheel.

And pull on the indicator light lever.

And test the rearview mirror.

Aiden: "Bila saya besar, saya nak jadi F1 driver!"

Oh chubby cheeks!!

Kesian Aiden. He was tired from Gymboree, was dragged into the sun at the new house and now Disney??

And yes, you guessed it. He fell asleep on the way to the stadium. And did not wake up when we transferred him into his stroller. Did not move a inch from all the noise the Disney crew were making. And did not even stir when Mummy tried to shake his body awake. So what did Daddy suggest?

Him: Yang, why are we still watching this show?"
Me: Why not? (dengan nada I think I know where you're going)
Him: Well Aiden is asleep, right?
Me: So?
*silence for a few minutes*
Him: So what do you think about the new house?
Me: Yang... i'm trying to watch the show!
Him: Can we leave please? I'm bored.
Me: But I paid a bomb for these tickets!

After a few sarcastic retorts to his very irritating questions, I finally gave in. I thought, at least we could escape the traffic jam moving out.

Daddy, happy that we were finally leaving. And Aiden fast asleep, unaware of the good money Mummy just spent for Mummy and Daddy to bicker in a stadium.

On our way out, I insisted that we stop by the small kiosks. They were selling everything Disney!!! *excited*

Hubby was very interested with the jelly like thing in the cup so he touched it.

And then this nice lady explained that the jelly like thing is actually crushed ice. And then they pour coloured syrup on it and people actually eat the ice with a spoon. And you should see how fast Hubby tried to get away from the scene of the crime. Sorry, whoever you are who had to eat crushed ice soiled by my darling husband's fingers!

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