Monday, March 8, 2010

Johor: Day 2 - The Nikah

Alright! Day 2, and straight to the Nikah pictures!

Nikah was scheduled at after Zohor prayers at a nearby mosque, performed by the Sultanah's private Tok Imam, courtesy of the Sultanah herself. Hmm - I guess there are perks about getting married in Johor after all!

Aiden in his purple top again! Just because Mummy & Daddy were wearing lilac!

Matching with Daddy.

With Aunty Marlini, mummy to Airyl. And Aiden wasn't really in a good mood.

Had to pop the binky into his mouth so he doesn't steal the thunder from the bride & groom's exchange of vows.

Nikah sekali lafaz!

The bride signing the pre-nuptials. Not!!! Kidding... only kidding.

A blurry picture of Mummy bullying Aiden into trying out Abang Airyl's songkok.

Then my Aunt was ever the so gracious to invite us for tea right after the exchange of vows ceremony. So off we went to her Istana. (I can't exactly say off we went to her palace or castle, right? It would sound so outright dorky!) Note that this is not the Sultanah in mourning who is actually her sister. That Aunt of mine masih berkabung so it wasn't really appropriate to have tea with her.
Unfortunately, we arrived quite late because an uncle of mine got lost on his way and we were tasked to find him, therefore by the time we arrived all the seats at the dining table were taken up! So we had to eat kampung style, on the floor with a seperah! My Aunt was overjoyed to see Aiden - the last time she saw him was when she visited Aiden in Prince Court when he was only 5 days old. And... she still doesn't know how to pronounce Aiden's name *what else is new*.

Wow, all these years I've been coming to the Istana, never once have I ever taken a picture of the place. This is the living hall.

And the minute I snapped a picture of her, she turned to talk to someone. Which resulted in a beautiful picture of her back in her living hall!

The staircase leading to the first floor - her private area.

Warning: parental bragging ahead! Aiden behaved beautifully! And everyone commented on his sharp features and how handsome Aiden has turned out to be.

The best part about visiting my Aunt - receiving Angpows! Unfortunately since I got married, she hasn't handed one of those to me *sob*sob* But of course, Aiden received one to be kept in his PTPTN account!

That night, Aiden slept in his own bed despite the huge bed in the room. Thistle provides baby cot FOC!

Although I don't understand the big pillow. So not suitable for babies!

Tido ternganga!

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